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“Miss Baili, don’t worry. If they want to act like that, we’ll defintely prove them wrong!”

Jiang Pangze’s eyes shined with sincerity. Baili Hongzhuang was his heart’s goddess. As Shao Zifan’s friend, he naturally will stand on Baili Hongzhaung’s side.

“Right, don’t worry Miss Baili.”

Following Jiang Pangze’s words, the other two also made their opinons clear.

“Then many thanks to you 3.” Baili Hongzhuang gave them a smile, “I guarentee this Channel Opening Pill’s authenity. If you guys don’t believe it, there’s no problem in taking it to a Pill Master for appraisal.”

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang’s calm and sincere attitude, the 3 completely relaxed their hearts.

They were very clear that there was no need for Baili Hongzhaung to give them a fake Channel Opening Pill.

With Baili Hongzhaung’s capabilities, even if she didn’t have the Channel Opening Pill recipe, her talent was already enough for everybody praise.

Jiang Pangze and the others bought the Channel Opening Pill and returned without the slightest heisitation. This was an extremely rare chance!

After they went back, they had the ability to brag it!

After Jiang Pangze and the others left, Xia Zhiqing spoke, “Hongzhuang, do you think Ling Jiaxin and the others will really do such a thing?”

Baili Hongzhuang smiled softly, a mocking light appearing in her ink black eyes, “They will defintely do so!”

She was almost completely certain Ling Jiaxin and the rest held such an intention from the beginning.

But, since the pill she had given them really was fake, Ling Jiaxin and others would have to do so!

Xia Zhiman didn’t know the thousands of thoughts twisting around in Baili Hongzhuang’s mind and only felt her contempt for Ling Jiaxin to reach an extreme point.

Such a shameless person was truly rarely seen!

Bai Junyu’s eyes were also filled with a disgusted light. As a cultivator with the ability to go face to face, using such despicable means were truly shameful!

“If Ling JIaxin and the others really want to so, tomorrow will be a good show!”

Xia Zhiqing’s eyes twinkled with excitement. As she thought about that loathsome woman’s face after seeing Baili Hongzhaung’s performance, she was filled with anticipation.

Baili Hongzhaung’s smile widened somewhat, her eyes as bright as stars, “We’ll see very soon.”


Ling Jiaxin and the others had already happily returned back to their homes. They hadn’t expected everything to go so smoothly today, so it really made them glad!

Ling Jiaxin saw Dai Yunyang cultivating as soon as she opened the door, a happy and intimate light appearing on her charming face, “Yunyang, we returned!”

Dai Yunyang exited cultivation and turned to look at the 3 people.

Dai Yunyang wore a dark green robe, 3000 strands on inky hair flowing from his head. His appearence was very handsome, but his eyes held a trace of darkness, giving him a treacherous feeling.

If Baili Hongzhaung was here, she would’ve discovered that Dai Yunyang and Dai Zhiman looked very similar, but were equally horrid.
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