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Looking at the slips of paper in her hand, Baili Hongzhuang chose the three with the highest value.

3000 points, 50 demonic crystals.

2000 points, 30 demonic crystals.

2000 points, 30 demonic crystals.

These three best suited Baili Hongzhuang’s intentions, especially these points that would allow her to train for another period of time in the Cultivation Padoga.

She believed that, by then, her cultivation would make another breakthrough!

Xia Zhiqing saw the prices on these three slips of paper and couldn’t help gasping. Their value was too high!

In the Azure Water School, the most important thing for students was the Cultivation Padoga. It couldn’t even be bought with money.

The rest of the slips of paper were mostly a couple hundred points, with the highest being just over a thousand. Even just that was as much as a student’s hard earned savings.

Who would have expected that there were people writing such sky-high prices? She could only watch enviously.

“I’ve already decided.”

Baili Hongzhuang faced the audience and waved the three bills, a charming smile on her beautiful face.

After Baili Hongzhuang spoke, the audience could feel their hearts tightening. They didn’t know who Baili Hongzhuang had chosen in the end.

“Lin Qinrou, Huangfu Yun, and Xia Chuyan!”

Ling Jiaxin frowned when she heard the first name. She was confident that their offer was already high, and it ought to be impossible for anyone to offer more. How could their plan be ruined from out of the blue?

Luckily, hearing the following two names, she sighed in relief. At least two of the Channel Opening Pills had fallen into their hands.

As for the third, they’d think of a way.

Wei Meidai had a proud expression on her face. She originally thought that the mission master had given her would be very difficult, who would have thought it would be settled so effortlessly.

As a Pill Master, she was rich. Whether it was points or demonic crystals, she was definitely not lacking.

To her, the most important thing wasn’t her cultivation, but pill refining.

Thus, it didn’t matter even if she had to give away all her points.

Besides, as a Pill Master, would she be lacking these things?

Besides Wei Meidai’s three, the rest of the student’s whose bids had failed had faces full of disappointment.

“My bid was already very high, how could I lose? Just how much did those three pay?”

“Yeah, I also thought I had bid high enough to get one. Somehow, I actually failed.”

“Hah, that’s a Channel Opening Pill. I didn’t expect such a great opportunity would slip away after I prepared for so long.”

Seeing that everyone was extremely curious about the price, Baili Hongzhuang directly read out the bids on the three slips of paper.

Hearing those numbers, cries of alarm rang through the site.

“My god, 3000 points. That’s really too much! Does our school have a student with so many points?”

“2000 points, that’s more than all the points I’ve ever earned added together. There truly are people beyond people and skies beyond skies.”

“No wonder we lost. However, I’ve never heard those three names before, so I wonder who the winners are.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s gaze stopped briefly on Ling Jiaxin’s three. The three of them looked full of confidence, so their bids must be high.

She was convinced that the three slips of papers in her hand belongs to the three of them.

“Could the three fellow students please climb onto the stage.” Baili Hongzhuang said with a laugh. The light and elegant sound was like a forest breeze, moving the heart.
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