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Big favors of kindness didn’t need to be thanked. He deeply stored this grace in his heart.
His life was saved by Baili Hongzhuang!

Baili Hongzhuang smiled lightly, “It’s your own fortune to recover so quickly. In a few days, it should be completely healed.”

These days, Bai Junyu had been feeling rather bored staying in his room. Since everybody else had came out, he wanted to come out to have some fun as well.

Bai Junyu nodded with a smile on his face, “I’m looking forward to recovering from this injury soon, it’s really been pretty boring lately.”

Xia Zhiqing shot Bai Junyu a glance as he spoke in that kind of manner. It was definitely boring, not speaking to anybody for the whole day.

While people were conversing with one another, Dongfang Yu, Gong Shaoqing, and Liu Qinyue came down from the upstairs.

“Good morning, everybody!” Liu Qingyue greeted with a bright and beautiful smile, “We wanted to come out earlier, but we didn’t expect you all to have already come here.”

Baili Hongzhuang smiled indifferently as she nodded, “It wasn’t just us either, the students from the auction also came rather early.”

“Oh?” Liu Qingyue raised her eyebrows, surprised, “Has the auction not started yet?”

“The Channel Opening Pill is too enticing of an item for us cultivators.” Bai Junyu laughed, “These days, I’ve heard that the students are looking everywhere in search of treasures, all for the auction today.”

Xia Zhiman inspected Liu Qinyue. She hadn’t thought Liu Qinyue would always be so cheerful.

She wasn’t very fond of Liu Qinyue. She was never interested in those kinds of weak, delicate mannered women.

Plus, whenever she saw Liu Qinyue and Hongzhaung together, her heart always had a bad feeling and wariness towards Liu Qinyue.

But today, it seemed to have somewhat dissipated.

Why was that…?

Xia Zhiman frowned as she thought about why she was always wary towards Liu Qinyue.

Dongfang Yu watched Baili Hongzhaung and Dibei Chen stood together, his eyes darkening again.

But his eyes soon restored their usual bright and gentle gaze, “Since we’re all ready, it’s better to go have a look now.”

“That’d be good” Baili Hongzhuang smiled, dimples appearing on her face as she spoke, “Shall we go?”

Dibei Chen seemed relaxed as he followed behind Baili Hongzhuang out the dorm room, his eyes occasionally landing on Dongfang Yu’s body.

Dongfang Yu’s quick change of expressions didn’t escape his eye.

Such a face wasn’t just sadness or loneliness.

As a man, he was clear about the meaning behind such an expression.

It seems……. Dongfang Yu’s feelings were deeper than he had thought.

Luckily Dongfang Yu wasn’t as blunt about his own feelings as he was and that his wife was very dense when it comes to emotions.

Dibei Chen felt a tiny bit glad. Sometimes it seems that her slowness wasn’t always a bad thing.

Hei Mu was very distressed. Before, he had always been the young master’s hidden guard.

After the young master left, he had been put in charge of Miss Baili’s safety.

Now that the young master returned, he natrually should’ve been his personal hidden guard. But yesterday, the young master told him that he should stay hidden as a guard and not always follow at his side.

Hei Mu’s mind was filled with thoughts. What did he do wrong?

Could it be that his young master still didn’t forgive his mistake of failing to protect Miss Baili?
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