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The second Baili Hongzhuang finished, everybody’s tensed bodies relaxed.
Ning Hong walked over and took Xuanyuan Huan’s pulse, surprised to find how steady it was compared to its previous chaotic beat.

“What might young lady be called?”

Ning Hong’s voice was much more courteous than before, no longer daring to regard Baili Hongzhuang as any other ordinary girl.

Baili Hongzhuang bowed, “Your junior, Hongzhuang.”

Ning Hong didn’t know why, but when he heard Baili Hongzhuang identify herself as his junior, his heart couldn’t help but have a trace of shame.

He had lived for so many years, but couldn’t even compare to a little girl!

Hongzhuang. Everybody silently imprinted this name into their hearts- this was the name of the one who’d mastered the art of acupuncture!

“So your name is Hongzhuang lady” Ning Hong smiled, “Does Hongzhuang lady live within the imperial city?”

“This junior arrived in the Imperial City not long ago. A few days ago, I opened Godly Doctor Square here, so I guess that could be considered settling down.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s face rippled with a simple yet elegant smile like a graceful lotus blooming with fresh and radiant charm.

Hearing the words, Godly Doctor Square, everybody’s face turned strange.

Nearly all of them had heard about this Godly Doctor Square, but they had all seen it as nothing but a big joke.

After all, with only a single 15 year old girl as the doctor, who would dare to enter the hospital?

But why actually, that little girl in Godly Doctor Square was actually the same Hongzhaung standing in front of them!

Now, everybody knew that the words, Godly Doctor Square, wasn’t a joke, but a reality worthy of its title!

They all couldn’t help but recall their contempt for the hospital when it had first opened, but now, the only thing they felt was contempt towards themselves.

“So the rumored Godly Doctor Square was actually run by Hongzhuang lady.”

Ning Hong’s smiling face was gentle. There was a real Godly Doctor right in front of them, but they didn’t have the eyes to see her true skill.

Baili Hongzhuang turned, her eyes landing onto Pang Tangping’s body.

“Physician Pang, have you prepared the bet yet?” Baili Hongzhuang smiled as she asked.

Pang Tangping’s already pale face turned even more pale when Baili Hongzhuang spoke.

100,000 gold coins, that was everything he owned!

He had never thought that his years of hard work would’ve ended up flowing into another’s hands!

“Pang Tangping, so many people are watching. You couldn’t have wanted to renege on the debt, did you?” Ning Hong’s voice was dark.

The trouble Pang Tangping had caused today was something that gave him headaches to no ends. Baili Hongzhuang had helped them fix a crisis, so of course he would spare no effort into helping her.

At this moment, everybody’s eyes suddenly landed on Pang Tangping!

Feeling the crowd’s ridicule and taunts present in their eyes, Pang Tangping wished that he could just run away.

But when he headed to the door, the crowd had already blocked it. Their intentions were clear- if the debt was not paid, then he would not be let out!

“I was taking a walk, and didn’t carry that much money on me!” Pang Tangping spoke angrily.

“That doesn’t matter, it can be dealt with some other day.” Baili Hongzhuang’s lips hooked up into a smile, “Well then now, you can start apologizing!”

“It just so happens that all the doctors are gathered here today, making it much more convenient for you to apologize rather than waiting for some other day. After all, I believe that Physician Pang doesn’t have that much free time.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s voice was light, and not even a hint of aggression could be heard from her tone. It was like she was just having a casual conversation as she discussed plans with you.

But for Pang Tangping, it felt as if he was being forced into a dead end, left helpless with no other way.
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