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Baili Hongzhuang was also somewhat doubtful. From Dai Zhiman and Liujing Kun’s faces, she knew that this VIP viewing box was very rare. It was clearly even better than the first class seats.

“Prepared for me? Why?”

Her monochrome eyes were filled with suspicion. She and Tianxiang Trading Commerce had no friendly relations. If it was only because of what happened earlier, it’d really be too far-fetched.

The attendant’s face smiled politely, softly explaining: “Chen Wangye is our Tianxiang VIP. Since you are Chen Wangfei, you’re naturally allowed to enter the VIP viewing box as well.”

Baili Hongzhuang suddenly understood. She didn’t expect that it was only because of Dibei Chen.

That guy…… with his identity, he really did have the qualifications to become Tianxiang’s VIP.

After the attendant left, Baili Hongzhuang’s lips slowly raised, forming a smile elegant like a hibiscus. “I only have a VIP box and can’t have a first-class seat. Yep, I truly envy you guys.”

Dai Zhiman and Liujing Kun’s faces turned somewhat ugly. Everybody was staring at them mockingly.

Xuanyuan Huan stared at Baili Hongzhuang in astonishment. He really had no idea that Dibei Chen, that trash, could actually be Tianxiang’s VIP!

Even if it was he relying on the royal family’s identity to get a VIP viewing box, he still wouldn’t be able to get one. So how could Dibei Chen possibly have the ability to get one?

“The auction is about to begin. Lets go!” Baili Hongzhuang spoke, looking at Shao Zifan and Zhao Yunxi.

Hearing Baili Hongzhuang’s words, Zhao Yunxi’s eyes were filled with a pleasant surprise. “Me….. I can go too?”

Baili Hongzhuang smiled faintly and nodded, “Of course!”

Zhao Yunxi beamed. She had always been curious about what was inside the legendary VIP viewing box. She never thought that she would get a chance to see it today!

The 3 no longer hesitated, directly leaving to the VIP viewing box.

As the 3 left, everyone else also slowly headed to the auction hall.

Dai Zhiman looked in the direction Baili Hongzhuang left, angrily stomping her foot!

She wanted to use today to walk all over Baili Hongzhuang, but didn’t expect to lose face herself!

The attendant led Baili Hongzhuang and her group to the viewing box. The 4 by 4 box was on the second floor, overlooking the entire auction hall clearly.

The box was very spacious and cozy. The seats were spongy and very comfortable to sit in.

There was a table in the middle of the box, the highest quality tea and exquisite pastries already prepared and laid out. 3 catalogs of the auction’s item also sat there for them to flip through.

Sizing up the box, Zhao Yunxi’s face was filled with astonishment. “A VIP’s treatment truly is different ah. Compared with the environment below, I don’t know how many times better the box is.”

Last time she came to the auction, she could only have a second class seat.

Originally she had thought that the second class seat already wasn’t bad, but seeing inside the VIP viewing box, she could truly sense the disparity between the two.

Shao Zifan felt the same, nodding his head, “The VIP viewing box is arranged beautifully, refined and elegant yet cozy and snug. Sitting below in the auction hall, it always felt a little too hot.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips rose into a smile, “Tianxiang has very few VIPs, so this VIP box is naturally as perfect as possible.”

She had no choice but to concede. Tianxiang truly was worth its position on Shengxuan Continent. They really did have a mind for business.

By distributing the classes so clearly, they could invoke the competitive spirits inside people’s hearts so that they couldn’t only be satisfied with their current status. It made people want an even higher one.

Otherwise, Dai Zhiman and Liujing Kun wouldn’t have been so satisfied with their first class seats.
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