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“The winner of the hunting competition was actually the somebody known in the Imperial City as trash. The general’s household family truly had no eyes.”

“Did you see how ugly General Baili’s face was? Now his intestines have probably turned blue from regret, ah!”

“Ah, that’s true. If Baili Hongzhuang was still one of the general’s households’ people, the general’s households’ future would truly be limitless!”

“I really fail to understand how General Baili’s wise. He can’t even handle simple family matters.”

Even though everybody spoke quietly, Baili Zhentao could still hear every word.
In fact, even if he didn’t hear them speak, he already knew their way of thinking.

He had expelled a perfectly good talent that could’ve brought glory to their ancestors. Now, everybody saw him as a fool!

Thinking a little, Baili Zhentao felt his face heat up!

Today, Baili Hongzhuang’s performance had truly destroyed their face.

(Tl note- face in chinese is used synonymously with pride)
Who was known as trash?

A person capable of easily winning the hunting competition was known as trash?

Then what would everyone else competing be known as?

Under everybody’s eyes, Su Waning was even more ashamed. At this moment, Baili Hongzhuang’s future was boundless. Thinking back, she was truly embarrased!

A court enunch took the demonic core from Baili Hongzhuang’s hand and brought it to Xuanyuan Yutian. When Xuanyuan Huan looked at the core in his hands, his lips raised to expose a pleased smile.

“This really is the storm wolf’s core. Chen Wangfei truly wasn’t simple!”

Baili Hongzhuang performed the courtesy, “Your Majesty is too generous.”

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang’s elegant appearance as she performed the courtesy, everybody’s hearts were moved. This was a true genius!

After confirming Baili Hongzhuang was the winner, the other cultivators took out the demonic cores they had collected in the hunting grounds.

Second and third place was determined by the number of demonic cores you held.

Xuanyuan Huan was fully deserving of second place, and Shao Zifan was third.

At first Shao Zifan was surprised when he saw the results, but then soon understood.

Many of the demonic cores were from when he helped Baili Hongzhuang face off against the crowd of hell wolves. Demonic beasts weren’t very common so it’d usually take a long time to find one.

Only when he was surrounded by a flock, was he able to get so many, so quickly!

He had a lot of cores, but the amount Baili Hongzhuang held was probably incomparable to anyone else’s here. Even Xuanyuan Huan wouldn’t have enough.

After crowning the top three, Xuanyuan Yutian gave the awards on the spot.

Baili Hongzhuang looked at the demonic beast egg in her hands, a small smile slowly appearing on her face. Her spirit beast was just inside the eggshell.

Demonic beast eggs weren’t unhatched demonic beasts, but were actually young demonic beasts sealed with a mysterious technique.

Usually demonic beasts were unwilling to be spirit beasts, so they would be sealed when they’re young and would only come out of the shell after they’ve formed a contract with somebody.

Xuanyuan Huan got the bone cleaning pill and Shao Zifan received his lotus cloud fungoid.

Everybody stared at Baili Hongzhuang and the other 2 enviously. From today on, their names would be known all over the country.

In the crowd, just as the hunting feast’s curtain began to close, 2 figures slowly made their way to the high platform.

Everybody looked at two men curiously. With their experience, they naturally knew the two’s identites weren’t simple.

“We pay respects to the Emperor.”

Xuanyuan Yutian smiled when he saw the two men, “Teacher Lu, Teacher Fu, please get up.”
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