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“Master, this waterfall is too big for you right now. Your strength can only barely support it.” Little White’s voice sunk. “

On the road of cultivation, there was always a certain range of risk. But if it was too dangerous, it was always best to be more cautious.

Baili Hongzhuang thought for a moment. From her experience, although cultivating here held a strong degree of danger, it still wouldn’t kill her.

As for injuries and the like, since she embarked on the road to cultivation, wounds were simply unavoidable!

After fixing her mind, Baili Hongzhuang walked firmly under the waterfall.

The heavy sounds of water crashing down filled her ears, her clothing immediately drenched completely.

It was currently spring, the water was still icy cold to the touch and Baili Hongzhuang’s face became somewhat pale because of the chilliness.

“Master, we can’t go inside the Primordial Chaos Ring!” Little White shouted as he struggled in the waves.

Baili Hongzhuang just shook her head, “Even if you guys don’t want to bear any hardships, you still need to improve your strength. Its better for you guys to train with me!”

“Master, don’t want ah……”

Little Black howled in grief. To think that her orginally beautiful, refined appearence had turned into one of a drenched rat’s.

Their soft, shiny fluff, ah!

Ruined, ruined!

All ruined!

The rocks eroded below the waterfall were slippery and the falling water pressed down on them. Baili Hongzhuang’s body could barely resist the pressure of the water falling from over ten meters above.

Her body was hit by the overhead stones, bringing forward bursts of pain.

But Baili Hongzhuang seemed to feel nothing at all, continuing to climb under the waterfall.

But the final result was still the same. Before Baili Hongzhuang could even stand firm on the rock, her whole body was pounded away by the waterfall’s pressure.

Standing up once more, Baili Hongzhuang insisted on walking back under the waterfall every single time.

When the originally complaining fluffballs saw Baili Hongzhuang unyielding back going again and again, they silently closed their mouths.

Facing this kind of suffering, their Master didn’t utter even a single word. It just wasn’t right for them to continue bawling, not doing a thing.

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips had already frozen to a purple color, but deep inside her eyes a bright glittering light shone firmly, she lifted propped herself up with her own strong conviction!

She must be stronger!

For all the humiliation she suffered, for her biological parents, and for her own unyielding arrogance!

She was ruthlessly swept away by the waves, but kept on standing up over and over again. From the beginning to end, Baili Hongzhuang had never wavered even a little.

Not too long ago, Hei Mu had seen Baili Hongzhuang like that, with her spirits raised and full of pride.

“Wangfei is truly persistent.” Hei Mu endlessly sighed with regret, “She and little lord are very much the same.”

He had followed the little lord since childhood, and had watched him suffer through untold hardships in his cultivation. Everyone only saw the little lord’s glory, but only he knew just how hard little lord worked to get there.

Although there were always many female cultivators encompassing them, it was very rare to find somebody who practiced as hard as Wangfei.

A glint of admiration flickered in Dibei Chen’s eyes, from the very first time he met Baili Hongzhuang he knew right away she was a woman with a determined heart.

This was Dibei Chen’s first time seeing Baili Hongzhuang cultivate. In her unwavering eyes, he seemed to almost see himself from that time.

They were willing to risk their lives, able to pay any price to grow stronger.

Maybe that was why he who had never liked women, wanted to care for this woman at

“In this short time, Wangfei already suffered a lot of injuries. Should we help?” Hei Mu couldn’t help but worry a little.
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