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Henan could hear their squabble too; her guards were busy with their dinner.

She was feeling uneasy to hear their confab and looked at the direction where the attendant was moving.

She noticed something and it was cleared that attendant was girl, so what if she was girl, what it had to do with these bizarre men, she eyed them unknowingly but no one thought about the possibility of what they were talking about to clear their bet.

"I am waiting for you three fools out," the man with handkerchief spoke to the other three men. The man with scar pulled the attendant who was passing by, the attendant was busy and did not pay attention to their nonsense.

The man with scar put his hand on the shoulder of the attendant to strip his clothes to win the bet.

Henan stood up precipitously, flicked her wrist and a dagger came flying stood dug in the rough table of those three men, they also stood up.

Sensing something amiss, her guards stood up and in this sudden breath, their swords were shining in everyone's eyes present in the inn.

This was direct inducement interfere to tell three men that if they tried to move an inch, then these swords would decide their destiny.

Scar man looked at black scars Henan, her cold eyes were a claim of war, and he knew if he ignored this claim, he had to suffer but he did not want to lose his bet too.

Henan was calculating his movements.

He thought that he would just strip the dress of this attendant and run away, which would chase him after that.

A cold gleam appeared on his face, he tightened his grip on the shoulder clothe of the male attendant.

The atmosphere was still and silent.

Henan was wearing ordinary girl robs and her black scars made her little ugly girl.

She took searing flight, kicking the chairs and tables, and the man already made a move and pulled the male robs which Xue Ren was wearing.

Henan landed right in front, picked up the dagger and lunged in his throat and at the same time pulled Xue Ren and hide her lean front with her own stature.

The silence broke with a scream of Xue Ren and while the fall of scar man with a thud ended the short noise.

His two friends ran from there in fright and took the first breath after reaching several meters away from the inn.

Xue Ren went to change her clothes.

Henan went in her room and her guards distributed duties to keep watch.

Henan called for the service attendant and taught her some martial moves in the backyard of the inn.

Xue Ren was little hesitant first but then learn diligently.

Henan instructed her to continue practice these moves in the future, she nodded her head. Henan gifted her dagger to Xue Ren.

Xue Ren thanked Henan Zhong. Next day their journey began anew.

They bought and stored some food for the journey.

It was the second day of their journey.

They entered in small State; it was governed by State Lord.

People here were celebrating some event, they called it Lotus Day.

People were marching toward the river which ran through the State.

They had lotus flowers shape in their hands which they would lit before letting it down on the flowing river water.

When Henan and her guards entered this state, it was close to the end of the day.

It was a beautiful sight to see the happiness on their faces and wearing beautiful bright clothes, it was close to sunset when they reached here.

Henan asked around what was the event today, someone told that it was Lotus Day today and people gathered at river and lit Lotus lamps and let it flow with the water, it was said to pray for the wellness and safety of their family members. Initially, they thought to cross this state as soon as possible but Henan stopped after hearing the purpose of this event; she wanted to pray for the wellness and safety of her father.

Her guards could understand her intentions; they also thought to pray for their families.

Thus they head toward handmade lotus flowers stall, they bought small candles to light it then they walked toward the river.

It was a beautiful sight.

Graceful gentle wind added to it.

Hundreds of people were there to light the Lotus Flowers for their families.

Henan remembered some old memories and silently paid attention to pray for her father.

Henan and her guards watched other people and followed their traditional rituals.

At this moment, a man on his horse entered in the State of Si, his face was plastered with dust and his previous elegant attire was looking poorly rustic.

He gasped the fresh breaths in his lungs.

He was not sure but he had reached close to Henan whereabouts.

His journey was like a storm and he kept asking people and so he reached Si State.
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