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While Charles was finished solving the map puzzle and the location of the treasure there is still the matter of Lu Dongpo and the Mad Fairy duel in the Temple grounds.

Liu Yi was shocked to hear what Lu Dongpo said but he was more shocked after that. He saw one of the monk he recognizes only as a Sweeping Monk to fly out from a few courtyard away like a bird.

He was carefree and instead of he pushing his body forward, it was like the wind embraces him and pushes him and he was just going with the flow of the wind.

He once saw people fly across branches and rooftops and this is all because of their lightness martial arts.

But he never saw someone fly through the air like that Sweeping Monk who flies through the air like the wind has no resistance against him, like he was bird carefreely flapping its wings and defied his knowledge of martial arts.

This is beyond what a lightness martial arts could do.

In just a few second that Sweeping Monk appeared in the scene.

Even as the cold air of the Devil Maiden Sword Arts threatens to lop off Lu Dongpo head that Sweeping Monk only pointed his finger to block that attack.

His finger glow golden and the top of his finger collided with the blinding light coming out from the Mad Fairy sword.


The entire crowd was shocked. Even the disciple monks all were shocked seeing what just happen.

The domineering and one of the most dangerous sword art in Jianghu is stopped by one finger. If they did not see it with their own eyes they would have think this is a lie.

And what is that golden glow coming out from that Sweeping Monk finger? No one could distinguished what that golden glow is

The junior Monk all knew this Sweeping Monk. They saw him for years, sweeping the courtyard every day.

He rarely talks and rarely interacts with other Monks.

No one really talks to him and he rarely talks to no one as well. All the Monks know is that he is an old Monk.

Many of the junior monks thought that the Sweeping Monk is one of the older generations and had done some wrong deeds in the past and were punished to sweep the courtyard.

This opinion grow credible because they saw the older generation of Monks never interact with him.

But today, the crowd of junior monks saw this Sweeping Monk use only one finger to dispel the attack of Mad Fairy an attack of the Devil Maiden Sword Arts.

Even the Mad Fairy herself was shocked as she was forced to step backward by five steps, her finger holding the sword were all ringing and numb while her body internal energy was in turmoil.

It almost deviated and almost get her in trouble.

Her eyes turns dark

Everyone knows how powerful her sword slashes when she uses the Devil Maiden Sword Arts.

Just a few moments ago she uses it and it cut down the roof she was standing on into two. But that slash was dispelled by one finger.

It was like that one finger of his was stronger than metal.

She could still feel the trembling sensation in her finger and the fact that her internal energy was roiled shows how profound that finger strike really is

Is there anyone in the world that possesses such martial art abilities?

She did not immediately attack as she looks at the Old Monk in front of her

She then asks, putting her sword behind her back, cupping her hands as a sign of respect,her eyes is vigilant

'Senior name is?'

The Old Monk smiles.

'I am only a Sweeping Monk. I am not a distinguished senior' Mad Fairy frowned in dissatisfaction.

A Sweeping Monk? Only an idiot would believe that. Which Sweeping Monk in this world could block her full power sword slash with one finger?

She then with a complicated expression said to the Sweeping Monk

'I have grudges with that thief. Hope Senior would not obstruct' The Sweeping Monk shakes his head and then ask

'What kind of grudges would be so terrible that young lady would seek his life over it?' Mad Fairy is fuming now.

'Move away Old Monk' she said as she tries to maneuver around the Old Monk and attack Lu Dongpo, her feet dashed forward creating an explosive spurt of speed like she was lightning.

Lu Dongpo shrieked in fear but the Old Monk just sig. Just before her sword strike almost reached Lu Dongpo forehead she suddenly feel she is being pull back by an invisible force.


She was pull back and falls down buttocks first. She looks behind him and that Old Monk is still where he is.

The Old Monk made a grabbing motion with his hand and the wind around the Temple change course as the sword on Mad Fairy hand fly over to Sweeping Monk hand.

His hand were wrinkly and this Old Monk look like he would fall down with a little bit of wind passing him by in his usual day but now standing there on the half destroyed roof, he look like an Enlightened One encompassing the world with his grace.

While the normal Monk might not recognize the Old Monks the Golden Monks of the Temple of course recognize the Old Monk.

The Old Monk looks at The Mad Fairy and shakes his head. His eyes seem to see through all of Mad Fairy lives.

It was like he could see all the Karma and all her previous lives, to see through reincarnation and rebirth.

The Old Monk then said sighing in regret and a bit of pity in his eyes

'Young Lady, just because your heart was broken, did you need to fall to the wrong path? Just because one work hard doesn't mean it will work the way you wanted to. The heavens are not entirely fair but it is also not entirely Heartless. The matter has passed, why does Young lady still could not let go?'

Hearing this and looking at the eyes of that old Monks that seems to be able to see through her fills her with rage.

Even though she did not have her sword anymore, she still has her hands.

The Devil Maiden Sword Arts could even be used as a palm technique or even fist technique. It is ever-changing and fatal.

She charged forward to the Old Monk. The Old Monk only shakes his head.

In his eyes, the Devil Maiden Sword Art is truly a mystical sword technique that it could incorporate anything into a sword.

It could rivaled even the famous Severing the Heavens technique of the Jade Palace gate

Demoness Zixiang is truly a prodigy to create such a formidable sword arts but the true terrifying aspect of the swordsmanship could only be performed by someone who is truly understand the Devil Sword Art Maiden.

While the Mad Fairy is also a genius in swordsmanship, she still falls short from her teacher and holds no threat to the Old Monk.

Her palms were full of ice cold energy, and invisible powerful force seems to layer her palm. The Old Monk standing on the same spot only said

'Young lady could not let go which is the reason why Young Lady suffers. Letting go means pain, not letting go also means pain. The matter of the heart is truly the most troublesome' The Old Monk only sigh as he slowly deflect that palm attack.

To other it looks slow and even to the Mad Fairy it looked slow.

Yet as the Old Monk slows his movement, unconsciously the Mad Fairy palm attack also follow his pace and slow her own movement like her body movement was hypnotized.

He deflected her and at the same time he even had the time to put back her sword that is on his hand back to her sheath on her waist.

The Red Fairy once again stumble backward and nearly fall off from the roof but the Old Monk make a grabbing motion with his hand and the wind from behind her push her forward as it helps her balance herself.

This time the Mad Fairy did not attack as she looks at the Old Monk once again.

This time she felt that there is something otherworldly about him, like he was untethered from the worldly affairs

Looking at his eyes she saw killing intent but that are not what the face of the Old Monk seems to express.

He seems to be amiable, kind and holy. But his eyes were full of disgust, anger and hatred and regret.

She almost being hypnotized seeing that eye.

It was then like she was shocked she realizes what she is seeing in those eyes. She avert her gaze from that Old Monk eyes.

'He is a mirror' She thought to herself.

Reflecting other people heart like a mirror, reflecting other people intent like a clear water in a calm lake, formless and because it is formless it is unconstrained and boundless.

This must a powerful Monk. This kind of mystical arts that is able to change course of wind and be able to receive her sword strike with one finger this monk must be in the same league like the Old Immortal and Old Demon.

She sighed as she found no way to pass this Old Monk. She could not use brute force because brute force is unable to even move the Old Monk.

With a slight defeatist tone she said looking at the Old Monk

'Senior, why meddle in the matters between with Juniors?' she ask. She knows she could never defeat such powerful Monk.

The Old Monk looks at Lu Dongpo and then look back at the Mad Fairy. He put his hand together and said

'While Lu Dongpo is not free of blame, every life is precious. Could Young Lady forget his transgression and in turn Young Hero Lu would return the manual that he stole?'

Hearing this Lu Dongpo shakes his head

'I am the best Thief in Jianghu. How could I give back what I stole?' He said while making funny faces at the Mad Fairy which almost makes the Mad Fairy to ignore the Old Monk and chase him again.

The Old Monk shakes his head and smiles as he look toward Lu Dongpo.

'Young Hero Lu. When Young Hero Lu shouted for this Old Monk didn't it because Young Hero Lu fears death? Between life and reputation which is more important to Young Hero Lu. If Young Hero Lu favors reputation more than life, then there is no other way. Young Lady Lin and Young Hero Lu have fought and destroyed many properties of the Temple. Since Young hero Lu insist on being stubborn then I could only expel Young hero Lu from the Temple and Young Hero Lu and Young Lady Lin could resume fighting outside'

Lu Dongpo face turns pale. He fighting internally before he nodded

'I will return it' Lu Dongpo said

'It is not enough'

'What does Young Lady means?' The Old Monk ask

'He has remembers and practiced the manuals so I must kill him'

The Old Monk shakes his head.

'This is the Righteous temple, Young Lady Lin. What kind of message would it send to the forces of Jianghu if we let people kills anyone they want inside this Temple. This is a place of worship not of killing. If young Lady Lin is still insisting in such way, then I could only guard Hero Lu'

The mad Fairy face contorted into anger

Is this the conduct of the Righteous temple? If this is the case could anyone who stole other people martial arts run here and be protected by you?

'I am just a Sweeping Monk. How could I do that for everyone? I only sweep the ground and do nothing else. But he and I share some Karma. I should help him at least when he is here in the temple.' Then he sighed

'When he is out of the Temple, naturally Young hero Lu is no longer under the protection of the temple' Lin Xintong calculated in her mind
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By the time Lu Dongpo comes out from the Temple he might already probably mastered the manual which makes him even harder to kill.

But she couldn't defeat the Old Monk no matter the technique she employed. Should she ask her teacher for help?

Looking at the Old Monk still standing there in front of Lu Dongpo like he was an unmoving mountain, the Mad Fairy sighs and then she jump away.

Then she shouted, her voice echoes in the darkness of night and fills the temple grounds

'Sweeping Monk of Righteous temple, if you insist on protecting the Monkey, fine! My teacher Demoness Zixiang will come in a couple of days. Since today the Temple bullies me with their Seniors I refuse to accept this loss. Do you dare to accept the duel with my teacher?'

The Old Monk sighed and he said calmly.

'I accept'

Then the sound of laughter resounded in the night sky.

The Mad Fairy is gone but from her words in a couple of days a more fiendish woman will arrive.

Demoness Zixiang of the White Bone Peak will come. It seems she must be here in the Central Plains and not in the Western Reaches since she would arrive in a few days.

The Old Monk only sighs. He saw a calamity tribulation in his life. Could this be it? As he was looking at Lu Dongpo he sense that Charles is back. He only smiles.

'Karma. This is Karma' he said to himself before flying back to his courtyard. He no longer have any mood to sweep the ground.

So, he dragged his old body and sleep in his humble abode.

Regardless about what happens outside.


Second part of the chapter

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