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When Kendra saw the gates she felt content. One day, in the far future, when she gets old, she might just come back here. Somehow she got attached to this place, to people that lived here and to the two sill people that needs to get married soon.

Her pace, unknowingly to her, became faster and she stood with the group of children in front of the bridge from where she could see opened gate to the place she could slowly call home. She turned to look at children and her smile brightened their mood.

When they were about to enter the city they heard carriage arriving behind them and they stepped aside to let it pass.

But of course, the guards stopped the carriage and asked for the reason for entry, the end destination and invitation letter as it seems that they are not from this place.

The driver got angry. "We are from the capital city and came with a message from the King. I ask for immediate entry."

The guard nodded and smiled. "In that case, you have got from the King the seal of urgency. Please show it and you will be escorted straight to the Lord."

The driver got stunned speechless. ''I don't have such thing, but really have a message from the King for the Lord.''

The guard smiled friendly.''No problem. Wait for a bit one of my coworkers will go fast to the palace and let the Lord know. Just wait a bit please.''

The driver saw that he definitely can't enter another way so he gave up and waited.

Kendra looked at the expression of the driver and turned to the children. ''What do you all think about this situation? Be honest.''

Thalis looked at the carriage with narrowed eyes. ''How comes the only driver is talking and the person inside is not even moving. Not only that the whole carriage has a somehow strange vibe.''

Kendra nodded and looked at the carriage.''Now tell me why I stopped you all going in before he came. Anyone knows?''

The older girl smiled at Kendra and then looked at angry eyes at the carriage.'' It seems there are children inside but their breath is weak. I think you felt that when the carriage neared us. Do you plan to save the kids?''

Kendra shook her head. ''You are close. Anyone has the right answer?''

The younger sister came near Kendra and looked at carriage and then at the driver.'' The hostage is not the children. Its the driver. The children are only pretending. Are the same as we are?''

Kendra smiled ironically.''It would be good if they were like the two of you ...and children. But these people inside are just actings children. they used poison to change the man's mind. You never harmed anyone but the gas will definitely kill that poor man that has no idea what is going on.''

The little girl looked at Kendra in surprise. They always assume the worst. But never taught that someone could be so badly manipulated. Kendra smiled at her and patted her head.''You think about how evil there are to manipulate that man right?''

The girl nodded. Kendra looked at the man and at the two girls.'' I know that you two didn't mean harm but it was still a bad thing to do. Human mind I weak, if you tamper with it they can lose their mind and do things that they originally never meant to do. In that case, you could turn a good person in a bad or even an evil person. Only by meddling with their brain.''

''But we just planted small taught. We didn't change their minds directly. And we have no power to do that. This is just something we got as a tribe. It's not really strong. And it won't get stronger.'' assured the older girl.

Kendra looked at her seriously.''It was still the wrong thing to do. I need you to promise me that you won't ever use it again. No matter what situation. I don't want you two to turn evil. After using such power on other people is like sweets. You say just this one time and end up feeling guilty because of you at all. I know that is not your power. But the ability to mess with the mind is scary.''

The girls looked at each other and nodded.''We will do my best not to use it ever. In this lifetime we will look forward to obtaining the powers so we could stand on your side proudly. We don't want to use such lowly ways to become someone.''

''What if I tell you that I actually want you to kill those nasty people in the carriage...what would you do?'' she asked looking at them.

The older girls smiled at Kendra. ''Even if I am willing to do that, but I am unable to do it. If I was strong enough we would have been free for a long time. But later when I become stronger I will definitely do it for you.''

Kendra turned around, went to the girl and smacked her head. They looked at her in a daze. ''Are you stupid. Do I look like someone who likes killings? It was good that you know your strength. Run if you know that you can't win. Even if you can win, just try to avoid it. The feeling of killing someone is not nice at all. So just don't do it. Period. By the way, I need your names. ''

"My name is Tyra Shil and my sister is Ada Shil. We come from traveling clan. Actually, we never had a real home as our ancestors always traveled. Once I asked why is that and grandma told me that they searched for something but after time passed they forgot what. One day these people passed our tribe and saw two of us in brushes, while we gathered the berries. They knocked us out and here we are." Explained the older sister Tyra.

Kendra felt sorry for these two. "I will travel the world later on. But before that, you need to hit the second boundary. Strange, what are your powers?"

Tyra Shil proudly looked at the younger sister. "She just found out last night that she has water ability, and I think I have healing ability from before. I was scared to show it to anyone as our endings would be even worse than just traveling."

Kendra nodded. Who knows how many power children are held as working force somewhere. She took her hand and smiled at her. " Don't worry. You have us now, not only that, you will join the school the Lord is opening soon. But that is still secret." She said while whispering.

Tyra's eyes glowed in happiness. She nodded at Kendra and hugged her sister that had questions plastered all over her face. She just stubbed her nose and smiled.

Kendra suddenly turned around. "They are coming. The play will start. I wonder what kind of unreasonable people are really inside. Our dear Lord learned in time between to charge all stupid people quite a lit." She was quite proud of the Lord Cassian.

He is strong but kind. Smart but silly. And Xara was all that he lacked. So the pair of silly lovers are definitely perfect for each other.

She looked at the carriage driver that has angry expression but clouded eyes. It seems some people just never learn and need to be re-educated...

(Later I will post one more chapter. Have fun )
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