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She transmigrated and started different life 391 391. Fooled by the dark ones

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She just rose her hand and looked at the small child that wanted to hug her. ''We see each other again. Little one. Tell me your real name.''

The boy pouted as she held him far away from her and huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest. ''You will be my wife, don't ask too many questions.''

Kendra blinked at him and then flicked his head. And not little. She flicked him so hard that he fell on the ground and looked at her in wonder. ''You... you hit me?''

Kendra pointed at the old man in front of her that shook in fear and shrugged. ''If I can spank him, why wouldn't I punish a little child that has no respect to elders. And who taught you such stupid ideas? That person must really have problems finding real love.''

The boy wanted to say something when he saw his brother coming her way and paled. ''Brother...''

His brother stepped next to him and just coldly glanced. ''Is this the woman you told me about. Goddess Kaia?'' His lips pursed as he looked at her sarcastically. ''Not pretty. I like women that have...''

He wanted to speak more but the realized that his mouth froze. Literally. Whole ice plate was covering his mouth and he pointed at his face with an angry expression. 

Kendra waved her hand and he suddenly became stone until his neck. Then she took off the ice from his now blue lips. ''If you say one more thing that might displease me, I'll turn you into a cockroach. Wait, no... Those things are nasty... Maybe something fluffy... a rabbit, or kitten?''

Creator bit her lips as she wanted so hard to laugh. there is a way to turn him into a cute animal but... She looked at Kendra and knew she would be able to do it without problems. She glanced at the man that looked at Kendra with appreciation and pinched his waist. ''Your eyes will roll out...''

He poked her head and smiled. ''You little jealous bee. She is amazing. Why wouldn't I be amazed? one thing is amazement another is love. Do you understand?'' He pinched her little nose playfully and then looked back at Kendra. ''Its seems we will soon see quite a play.''

The young man looked at her with dark expression and smirked. ''Arent you scared?''

Kendra chuckled. ''I am not. This is not my real body and not my real world. If you release your energy here all the creatures here, including all the humans will die in instant. Your energy is literally poison for them.''

''What a lie. Our energy is just stronger than normal, they won't die from it.'' He calmly looked at her completely sure in what he spoke off.

''You fool. It seems those bigs really brainwashed you. Humans are strong indeed, why do you think they gave you such power? Darkcore is something not even they dare to use. Why, because it won't harm you, but it will harm all the living creatures in your surrounding. I actually planned to use my soul energy to turn this world into livings place again and close the gate to the dark regions, but I won't do that. I'll do something you might get scared off. I'll turn it into one. I'll connect both worlds. I found a way to let your people live comfortably even in mid of such a world. But your all that have dark core won't be able to go there. The normal humans will be separated from you.'' Kendra sighed and waved her hand. The boy, the old man and the young man suddenly were floating in bubbles.

''They are humans, don't you dare to harm them!'' The young man's eyes became red in anger.

Kendra walked slowly towards him and smiled with a calm smile. ''I give you my word that I won't harm them. I will give them a new world where they can be protected. In that world, I will give them a new chance to start over and grow calmly. While I do that You and your people that have dark cores will watch. If I do it wrong, you can still harm me with your energy.''

She actually wanted to give them a chance to see their people happy. If they really wanted their happiness and long life, they will accept such an offer. But stupid people gather on one spot. 

Only the boy was feeling happy about such a solution. She looked at him and smiled. ''Are you ready never to see your people ever again, if that could make them healthier and live a good life?''

The boy nodded. ''The last time I realized what was going on. I made a mistake to believe their words. They promised me that with that energy to help our world to become alive again. But it was a lie. Big... fat... lie.'' With sadness emanating from his body he looked at the artificial world surrounding them and sighed. ''I wish I could smell flowers at least once in my life, every world they take me is filled with dust and sand. No trees, plants, animals...''

Kendra nodded and floated to him. ''That is because your people sucked the life out of them and turned them into that. All these worlds were retrieving with life and on end they got destroyed, leaving an only dark void that connected to the dark world, making it bigger. Those creatures wisely used your people's stupidity to enlarge their space.''

''Impossible. The creatures we caught told us...'' The young men started talking and was stopped by Kendra.

''You can't even get me and fight me, how do you think such prune little human CAUGHT and creature from the dark world? Suddenly? Just like that? You, idiots, have been fooled by dark ones,'' Kendra rose her eyebrows as she didn't see so much stupidity for a while.

More and more bubbles appeared from everywhere as she sent her senses around their humongous world and found huge amounts of those with dark core but just a few dozen of thousands of humans. 

Her whole being started shaking and she started crying. ''Two realms! Two huge realms filled with thousands of worlds each! Do you know how many humans, no, how many living creatures are in such a huge space? Just somewhat over fifty thousand of humans and about two thousands of other creatures... in whole two realms!!! Are you kidding me? They sucked slowly the whole life form your world and you thought you are doing a great job? Are you crazy? Seriously?''

Listening to her worlds they froze. Everyone froze. The people that gathered, the black core cultivators froze and the chosen protectors froze. Even the saint animal froze.

He stepped forward with and with a shaky voice asked. ''What did you just say?''

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