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The deer pushed her arm with his head trying not to scratch her with his antlers. ''We need to hurry up. After they finish doing that they start feeding again on animals and their blood. I fear that soon the torture wills tart again.''

Actually the blood rain stopped as he started healing but the rain fell over their bodies, but it seemed like they seem not to feel anything at all. The two cultivators looked green. ''We, did we act like this as well?''

Deer shook his head. ''No. You two consumed too much of my blood and felt in some sort of sleep. If this girl didn't save you, you would have just exploded...''

They looked at Kendra gratefully but gained just cold stare from her side. ''To help your people the saint animal must survive. I will leave him in a secret place. The two of you I will drop on the mountain not far from here and then I need to come back and save as many animals as possible. What will happen with you from now on is not my problem, understood.''

They had to accept reality. ''It is raining which means spring is about to arrive so we will be able to survive. Thank you for saving us.''

Kendra just nodded and cloud flew over the mountain into one green valley that looked like a good place to live. ''This is all I can o for you. There are enough plants over there. By the way, on this plane, there is mushroom as tall as a human. If you eat it instead of meat it might not be filling but it's still delicious.''

''Thank you for your information. When we come out please remember our names. I am Salvio and this is Theus. We are from the warrior guild. Kendra, in future we promise to be your aides if you ever need us.''

Kendra just shrugged her shoulders. ''When I get out I will cultivate for ten years and learn more, then I plan to travel the planes to learn more about other lifeforms. If you want you can join me.''

They looked at each other and nodded. At the moment they knew that they couldn't be helpful to her as she is stronger now. But in the future...

Kendra this time rushed off to the fire mountain and was about to drop the saint animal when she realized that he actually was infusing the cloud with energy. She looked at him in surprise.

''You all might have lost energy and powers but I have a lot of it. I realized that you move this cloud by your willpower but to save all those animals you probably would try to stalk them all on the cloud. right?'' He could see her silent nod.

After a while, he weakly jumped off the cloud. ''Rush to find them fast. I fear its about time.''

Kendra was about to leave when she remembered something. ''I am a foolish creature. Please forgive me. May I ask you, do you have a name?'' She needs to call him out when she picks him up.

''Moeo. But if it's hard for you to call it cal me Siu. That is my given name.'' He turned and with slow steppes entered the cave not far away.

''Siu? Hmmm.'' She had no time to think about meanings as she had to rush back. But getting close to the crowd she realized she was not too late as they still were in mid of their ''Doing''.

Kendra looked at over two dozen animals stuck in cages and sighed. Using her power whisps she destroyed one after another and the animals were one by one rushing out. But suddenly saw her and in fear stopped. She had no time for that so she just used wind power to push them from behind and then as even the last one was on the cloud she slowly started gaining height.

The animals shook in fear as they could see how far the land is and crowded together in mid of the cloud. The trip to the fire mountain was not long but very tiring for Kendras the smaller animals curiously almost jumped off it multiple times. When she finally saw a fire mountain she called loudly''Siu!!!!''.

The saint animal slowly came out the cave and jumped on the cloud. It seems his presence calmed the animals a bit and as they slowly flew further inside the continent Kendra saw the plane that she was living before that. She slowly lowered the cloud over the lake and all the animals descended.

''Siu, please come with me. I can't take chances that you get killed and I do not think you wish that as well.'' Kendra was worried that he would stay with them.

''Do not worry. I am maybe a saint animal but even I treasure my life. Let's go home.'' He already accepted her home as his own. But suddenly a rabbit rushed and jumped on the cloud. He slowly rubbed his head on Kendra's arm.

She smiled and patted his head. ''Sweetie, where I live there are many humans and monsters. I fear something might happen to you.''

Suddenly the deer looked strangely at the rabbit. ''He has spiritual energy. It seems he understands your words. If he cultivates the energy he might grow into spirit animal. Take him with us and teach him. I will teach him as well.''

Kendra looked at the rabbit with shiny eyes. ''Good boy. One day you will become a spirit animal as well. But in the future, I will let spirit animals have even fighting power so they cant get killed this easily. It's ridiculous.''

The cloud rose and they flew over the continent again. She had no wish to search for those two cultivators nor for their guild. After Siu again gains his main powers back he will heal their bodies and mind. But now it's important to travel fast.

Before crossing the ocean she chose to go down and gather enough grass, young leaves, water and fruits she could find. After seeing what happened with animals she was for a while disgusted by meat anyway.

As she flew she realized that he actually needed a whole two days of flying and now she rushed again over the ocean for two days. As she came from normal world two days of travel is not a huge thing for her. But for the two animals was.

So she stopped whenever she could see the island. So, in the end, it took her almost five days just to come back to the same continent. Looking at the mountain that rose in back she felt happy. She will see the rest of them soon.

But getting closer and closer she realized that something was strange about this place...
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