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But she was wrong about that assumption. They couldn't fly but they could use their wings to give them a push to go to the higher grounds. She completely forgot that. 

Looking at how they wanted to take her down by jumping higher and higher, Kendras back became cold. Her head still told her she couldn't die but getting hurt is not an option. What could she do?

She saw so many lianas hanging from the trees and was actually considering doing the same thing as Tarzan. But looking at her weak arms, she was not sure can she handle that. Then an idea flashed through her head. She can use the lianas. 

She quickly pulled multiple lianas and saw them being quite strong. With moves of her hands, the lianas started tangling making it into something she could use. With a strong swing, she pushed the tangled lianas towards jumping chickens and they really got caught.

She quickly took out the crossbow and laid down on the thick branch to shoot at the tangled bird. Soon it became crazier and fell off with the thud and as it was dizzy it didn't move for a few moments, just enough time for Kendra to shoot at it.

Luckily she was learning shooting before so the stong arrow penetrated its head and it quickly died. But the funny thing, the other chickens didn't even get scared as they still furiously jumped up, trying to catch her. She shot at one of the chickens that came straight towards her and it fell down straight at other chickens making them jump further away. But some of them still tried to catch her so she shot a couple more while other chicken realized the danger and run away. 

Looking at almost a dozen ostrich-like-chickens she sighed in relief. This meat can feed her people for a few days. So she quickly jumped down and cut the meat. In each meat, she carved the message and when she was done she called loudly. ''Transfer the food!''

She comfortably picked up the leftover inwards and rushing towards the river as before leaving the intestines and skin with feathers just right there. She planned to take feathers but seeing them being quite rough, she gave up.

As she rushed towards the river she realized how big that river really was. It was so clean that she could literally see fishes inside so she made camp there. First, she made fire as the light was still up and checked the surroundings. She could see many animals being the bigger size and realized that this world will be really harsher to survive. 

''Need to find a safe sleeping place...'' Her eyes darted towards the higher grounds as it proved to be safer and found a huge tree not far away with wide branches and thick leaves. ''Perfect.''

The fire was on, so she put the meat pieces near the fire but not too close and rushed to the tree to make the sleeping place. Climbing up didn't take so much time as there were many wild lianas sticking out and it was helpful enough for her to go higher and higher.

Soon her head came over the top of the forest and she had good sight but was worried that the birds from above might notice her so she moved under first leaves and made something like a nest from smaller branches and thick leaves. 

Over the small nest, she put a tent-like cloth that actually became the same color as leaves and left it there as her sleeping place. She slowly climbed down and when she came back to fire she realized that the meat pieces were so dry she couldn't swallow them anymore like that.

''Never mind. I can use them dry for a couple of days and make some cooked food or stew. ''She remembered some of the wild plants she met on her way and smiled brightly. But how will she transport it up?

''I am so dumb. I just have to transport only how much I can eat. The rest I can dig out and transport to them. He never said I have to plant the land, just need to feed the people. I can feed them from animals, fishes and wild plants. I need to calculate how many animals I have to hunt to finish the task. Maybe I should first worry about how to survive the next couple of days as well. I need to gather enough food for my own survival over the wintertime. I am so foolish.'' But the task bothered her.

She slowly climbed up and curled up under the blanket that she pulled out her backpack. Soon her eyes fell down as the night came and everything became calm. 

the next morning te first thing she did is to inspect the chicken skins that she left there and it was untouched. That could only mean that there are no dangerous animals or those that are dangerous are still not even near. She cut off a few skins and realized that the skins could be used fairly good if processed for later use. 

So she cut them up in big pieces, cleaned from rests of the blood and fat and spread them to dry on the sun while she made from few branches the fishing rod and was about to gather worms or bugs when she remembered the meat. She used the dry meat, then rushed to get few feathers and the leftover fat and meat on the heap and added them on the lines.

If she can use that then it's fine. If not she can still go and get the worms. But there was no need for it. Fish after fish started almost jumping as they smelled the chicken blood.

The fishes looked something like a larger version of the common trout or brass. As she took them out the river it took her time. But seeing how crazy they jumped around fresh meat she got an idea. She assembled the spade and started digging a bit further away from a hole inside the soft sand.

After digging big enough hole that even the big chicken wouldn't be able to escape she pulled herself out by the rope she prepared before and dug a small ditch from the hole to the river. Then she rushed back to the leftover blood that already started smelling strange and gathered it inside a small woven basket whose floor and side were covered with big leaves.

She filled the basket with blood and started pouring it inside the hole. Basket after basket she did that. Then she used the leftover blood and carefully spilled in the small ditch towards the river and threw the rest nearby the entrance in water.

Then she sat down near the water and started cleaning the fishes as she wanted to sun dry them. She didn't hurry anywhere. Fish after fish were caught with the same bait.

Like some silly creatures, they all were attracted to the same bite... After she caught about twenty fishes she stopped as her arms felt devastatingly sore. She looked at the first few fishes that stood near small fire and saw that they turned fairly dry. She cut them in halves and soon she had enough for everyone to have half. 

Of course, the fishes she didn't simply send away yet. She let them dry still near fires as she went into the forest. With two baskets in each hand and backpack, she started gathering wild plants they could use. 

She would make heaps and go back and again. It was quite tiring but she had to do that. Whole morning and afternoon she did that. With small brakes. On the end, she had enough heaps of vegetables and fishes. She used dried skins that she cut in pieces and wrote messages on it. After that, she yelled loudly. ''Transfer the food!'' And all heaps disappeared completely. 

Considering the amount of food and their preparations, they should be really fine for at least one week, right? She sat down next to the fire where she started drying some plants on racks. She needs to think about herself as well.

Of course, few fishes were left for herself. Should she stay longer here or just go out and plant a few vegetables as long its time. As she considered leaving the place as soon as possible she saw something she thought was sheer impossible.

A long line of fishes started wiggling their way towards the hole where the chicken blood was. She couldn't understand. Why? It actually smelled nasty to her, but if they like it... She just shrugged it off.

It was just early afternoon and she still had time. So what she did? She started picking up random fishes and killing them with a swift move, then cleaning the intestines and putting it by the fire to dry. Unbelievably, until late afternoon, almost night, the fishes continued to gather around the blood hole.

Kendra could only give up after she cleaned almost hundreds of them. She just left them there, making the fires a bit stronger. Actually she successfully hung more than half of them on trees so they could continue drying on-air until morning, but the rest of thems he had no strength.

The next morning she woke up with sore arms but realized that her inner power was now completely filled. How can she use that?

She watched the tall mountain from where the water fell and had an idea. If it works she could come down and fish more often. She rushed towards the riverbank and saw perfectly dried fishes, untouched. The hole was filled with fishes so that he just started killing them. Again whole afternoon she killed the fishes and dried. While later no more of them arrived. There were still over two dozen of them in the hole so she made a net, pulled them out, one by one and dragged them trough water towards the waterfall.

Then she concentrated. A small portion of water vapor started appearing under the net and slowly pushing it upwards the waterfall. Unbelievably, but as soon the net was up she made it open in her river and let them free.

A couple of them jumped down with river flow but most of them just stayed up. She gathered those that juped down as they logically died after falling from such hight and started preparing them as well.

In her mind, the spells she knew started appearing. She knows now how to use power and to what extent. Luckily...
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