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The girls just waited for him to leave so they entered her cultivation room where the boundary was and rushed to their parents to tell them everything. 

Xara and Lord Cassian were so happy to see them. But as they rushed to gather stuff they needed they didn't dare to make anyone know that they came. Not even their sons realized until much later. 

Xara was worried. ''If you can't have space bag what can you take?''

Kendra smiled. ''Can you bring me your best hunter, best blacksmith and the people that know how to make fabric.''

Xara was stunned by her request but arranged them to be secretly guided inside the palace. Lord Cassian was actually happy about this girl's smart head. If they will be thrown really in som strange world she needed some things and she needed to know how to make them. 

She was already better than most people in hunting, fishing and planting. But trying the other things should be as hard as that. 

Kendra was actually stunned when she saw that the best blacksmith was female. But it was fine n this world. Everyone was equal from stat on and were taught to grow equally.

She looked at the female and shot straight on as she had no time. ''Is there any material that is easy to change shape, from sword to spade, shovel, sickle, a knife without breaking in smithereens?''

''Yes, there is. The new true material we produced when mixing some materials that appeared only in this world.'' She went to the table and gave her a flower pot that looked simple. ''Simple, isn't it?''

Kendra and Isaa nodded. ''This material if you heat enough will turn into liquid form and you can change it to any form you want.''

Isaa and Kendra looked at each other and smiled brightly. Kendra had an idea. She turned to the weaver. ''If she makes thread out of it can you make cloth and bags from it? ''

He sighed. ''No. We tried to make clothes from the new material and we can only produce headgears, chest plates, pots and pans, some shields, things like that. It is not very elastic like the true metal.''

Kendra gave up but then Isaa got the idea. ''Then make our big backpacks. It should be made from a real metal material, but some plates from new material should be put in the sides and on the floor of the backpack. Make pots and cups from the new material and any other thing you can think of.'' She said while looking at the blacksmith.

''When do you need it?'' The answer gave her a headache. ''Tonight?''

But luckily waver nodded. ''We will be able to handle that.''

Blacksmith stared at him in wonder. ''How?''

He just shrugged. ''Did you forget who they are? The palace has so many pots and pans and plates. You do not need to make new ones, just use those that already exist. I will make backpacks fast as I already have prepared cloth that Lady and Lordship planned to give it to their sons. But in this case, I think they will give it to their girls.'' He was quite clear about who these two are.

Lord Cassian nodded looking at the young man with a smile on his face. ''Truly smart. Of course, we will give it to them. the uniforms we asked you to prepare in advance for them last year. Did you finish it?''

The waves smiled brightly and waved his hand to the girl behind him. ''This girl realized that if she changes true material and mixes it with the cultivation plants seed oil it turns elastic and durable. So these clothes they can wear for the next few tens of years and it won't turn smaller or wear off the colors. It will grow with them. And it's quite comfortable. But it took us five years to gather enough oil for these two sets. Sorry, our Lordship.'' Those sons will stay without many things as it seems.

Xara picked up the clothes and smiles brightly at them. ''At least it looks good.''

She knew Kendra's style so she let her have ice blue tunic with dark pants and dark shoes. It had simple white flowers embroidered making it fit greatly with her white hair and ice-blue eyes. Isaa's clothes were greatly different than Kendras. White tunic with red pants and shoes, while the fiery red dragon was embroidered on the side wiggling trough green braches.

Kendra was tunned. Since when did it start? When did Isaa change?

Isaa saw her complex expression and smiled. ''We can talk about that later. Lets put the clothes on and you probably want more things inside. Mother, father I have a gift for the Academy. I was following the classes in the sect and wrote about new stuff. I think you should give this to the Headmaster. He will know how to use it. But first, let those two brats copy it. I think they could learn a few more things if they plan to come to us.''

Kendra understood. Those two brats always hung by their side. It seems they had the same dream to become stronger. But there is no need for them to rush that. Her wish is that they slowly raised their powers. And after all, her space will grow even more the more powerful she gets. But what will happen if she becomes commoner?

Mothe Oyster seems to know many things, maybe she could tell her. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared and appeared near the oyster that grew just the size of her body. ''I know it is hard for you to talk. Do you know maybe if I become commoner because of certain conditions, will this world have problems?''

A heavy sigh could be heard. ''No. But it will be locked until you become strong enough again to unlock it. Last warning. Tasks that are given are just as simple as they seem. You have to think simple. If you overthink the task you will fail. Most fail as they do too much. Just do what is your task a survive.''

She stopped talking and lost on her size. It always happens when she is talking to Kendra or giving her important advice. Like some curse. Luckily Kendra put her into one of the sea springs that have spirit vein nearby. It helps her grow again after a while.

Kendra smiled and in the blink of eyes arrived at Isaa's side. ''Come, let's go get some common seeds. I do not think seeds with spiritual powers will be able to survive in common earth. Think as simple as possible.''

Isaa understood her words and nodded. ''I understand.''

Xara and Lord Cassian still had many seeds from before that were common. So the girls used small paper pockets to fill with different kinds of seeds and put them in the new steel containers that were sealed so they are protected. Then they picked some potatoes and took with them. 

As they knew the size of their backpacks they choose to pack bags with extra dried food mixture. Vegetables, rice, dried meat, seasonings. Just add hot water and a full meal could be made. One small bag was enough to feed them for months. They invented that for the sake of those travelers that wanted to search for surroundings and a new world.

Then they got the light blankets that are made from true metal and filled with certain sheep-like creatures hair. Under that blanket, in summer it's cool and in winter is cozy warm. It couldn't get dirty, smelly or broken. For second Kendra felt its wrong to have so many good things but Isaa made some things clear.

''Kendra, do you think those people from other sects and schools will not be prepared. Will they go nacked and unprepared? Their schools and sects waited so many centuries for this chance, trust me they will be ready for such a thing.'' That stopped Kendra even consider feeling bad. 

It's not like she would steal from someone. She looked at the hunter that prepared the painting to her of the crossbow she wanted to have. It was easier to shoot with it. The normal bow she knew how to make, but crossbow needed some parts that she had no idea how to make, so she asked the one who used it, of course.

The preparations were finished even before the evening came. The backpacks looked quite big but were actually quite light. Kendra actually asked the waver to bring her some more true metal material as it was waterproof. Two huge pieces were able to be stacked in the side pocket as they were that thin. 

They looked at their parents and hugged them. Kendra was this time really feeling sad and sniffled before leaving. ''Mother, Father we will be careful in our travels, please do not worry too much. But please stay healthy and happy. We will miss you a lot.''

The saying goodbye was actually the hardest part but they had to leave. Soon the trip to the Taskmaster will start with whole sect and they need to be there on time. ''We have to go now. We love you and will miss you.''

After many greetings, they left and appeared in front of the anxious-looking headmaster that held his head in desperation. When they appeared he almost blew the whole room in the air in anger. ''You two brats will shorten my lifetime. Let's go!''

The two looked at each other and started laughing as they followed him to the big ship that was anchored next to the floating island. They didn't react much as this world had many wondrous things and just stood between others. Soon the ship moved and disappeared under the eyes of smiling people that hoped that many of their companions would survive and give great honor to the sect.
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