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The round blob that floated in front of her wanted to get closer but then she remembered his deeds so she put protection shield again, making it wince and act cutely sad.

''What are you?'' Kendra was really curious. She has seen all kinds of creatures so far so she was not scared. Sometimes the scariest things are not unknown creatures than the ones you do know.

The blob just made faces and then she understood. He did have something like a smile but it couldn't speak. Her head started hurting while thinking of a way to communicate with this thing.

''Well anyway. I will call youuuuu... Blobby.'' Her famous naming again hit the point but was not very dull. She didn't care really. She just wanted to name it something easy, as usual.

''So what am I gonna do to you people?'' She stared at them with her red eyes and icy smile.

''You made me get angry and turn me into such dangerous creature. If I don't release my anger I might stay like this forever, and I don't want that. So who speaks will have one wish free and I won't kill them. Start. Who wants to speak first?''

She sat down and calmly looked at people that award their gazes from her. Two people in the background mumbled and whispered. The woman rose her hand and then the man tried to stop her.

Finally, she broke free and yelled at him. ''You are a real fool. I told you a long time ago not to get involved and stay on King's side just like my family did, but what... you just had to do that? I don't care if you get yourself killed and even if I die I do not really care but think of our children you idiot.''

He looked at contemptuous gazes from others and tried to drag her down and shut her mouth. He wished the could just strangle her right there. He looked around and saw flower pot nearby. 

When she was about to speak he rose flowerpot over her head and was about to smack her down when he suddenly felt strange. His whole body turned heavy and feel together with a big vase that fell over his head and knocked him out cleanly.

The woman saw him sprawled on the ground and just held her head with one hand and then turned around towards the youth that sat there and looked at her curiously.

She deeply sighed and just looked at her husband realizing he is still alive. ''This fool is alive so let's continue. I will tell you everything I know of. I hope you can grant me a wish and save my children from those people's clutches. They...''

The woman was about to speak as she literally saw the arrow flying towards her in slow motion. She stepped aside and arrow clanked at the wall piercing it deeply. She gasped realizing that she just saved herself from death.

She suddenly heard the youth voice near her. ''Nice power. This is the first time I see a cultivator using wind power for speed. I like it. Thank you for the idea. Now you can continue. I have put protection shield around two of us and no matter what happens outside they cant get to you. Don't worry.''

Her eyes blinked and she could see multiple arrows, fireballs, ice balls all been thrown at them from those that sat down but she was literally protected. She looked at the youth and knew it was the right idea to open up.

''My clan name is MacCulligan and we are loyal to the King's family for so long. Unfortunately, I married this incompetent fool that was lured in their net of lies. My father strongly opposed him joining those people, but he just... Sigh.''

She nudged him with foot and chuckled. ''Don't pretend that you are still unconscious. If I can tell this person can tell as well, stupid idiot.'' 

He slowly opened eyes and saw the situation outside the shield and got scarred. He crawled backward trying to hide behind his wife. 

Kendra couldn't believe his actions and had quite a wish to kick him out the shield. But seeing the woman's face she gave up that idea, for now. 

''This husband of mine had rough childhood and was timid since I know him. I found it cute and adorable so I protected him. with time I started liking him from deep of my heart and when I asked him he accepted. But seeing him now like this I partially regret ever asking him to be my husband.''

''You asked him?'' Kendra was really interested in that story.

''Yes. Like I said he has a timid personality so I just stepped forward and asked him. He straightaway accepted and soon we were and now we have a bunch of rascals that luckily have my outgoing personality.'' She smiled as she thought about the children.

''Then you two actually have a nice marriage, stable life and happy family. Why did he choose to join the corrupted?''

''One night I couldn't sleep and wake up. I saw his bedside was empty so I went to check on him. A strange man in some kind of dark cape stood in front of him and urged him to join their ranks.'' She chuckled. 

''Actually, I wouldn't mind if he joined the army or some kind of training as I hoped he would become stronger and not always rely on me. The truth to be told I wanted to lean on him sometimes as well. So when I heard his offer I was quite excited.'' She looked sadly at the man that stared at her with his eyes open 

''But next words made my skin crawl and my blood freeze. He asked my husband to poison the queen and so cut the bloodline. They have some kind of plan on how to kill her sister as well, but couldn't do it so far. It seems her protection was too strong so they are getting nervous.'' 

the woman sat down on the floor while she held her stomach and back. Just now Kendra realized that the woman is pregnant so the chair flew towards them and she put it so the woman could sit. ''Sit down and continue your story.''

But suddenly the man jumped and wanted to choke the woman with both hands but was stopped in the air. Only his mouth could move in his position.

''You foolish creature. That day that you asked me to marry you, your father came and made me accept the proposal. Do you know how? He had all my debt cards in his hands. I lived so long like your puppet and just once I wanted to make my own decision. I don't care even if all our children die if I can finally be free of you. Hahhahahaa.''

The woman felt her whole body loose strength and almost fainted but Kendra used her healing powers to restore her health. 

She stood up and slapped his face so badly that few of his teeth fell out and flew out the shield.

Her feet felt weak so she sat back down and was fro couple moments quiet.

Then she rose a bit of her head and smiled at Kendra. ''That man face, I never saw. He was in shadow but one thing I remember. He had a strange tattoo on the back of his hand. Something like a snake. I just saw a little bit. Those people from the old continent infested our lands while ago. My father tried his best to fight, but looking at the current situation, can we even fight back? Can we survive?''

Kendra's eyes turned purple while looking at the woman whose heart seemed to be broken. ''I know this person is your husband and your children's father. But he can't stay alive, neither those people that harmed the King. I will kill them all. I am sorry.''

The woman just sighed and shook her head. ''I am not sad about that. And not brokenhearted at all. I think this feeling started a long time ago. the feeling that I don't need this person in my life anymore. He gave me children and I am grateful to him for his last present. But seeing him now despise even his own bloodline, I have no wish to see him. I don't want you to kill him. If possible.''

Kendra started pacing around and then stopped. ''I can throw him in the forest. If he comes alive out of it it's his own luck and ability. Is that ok with you?''

The woman smiled and nodded. 

Kendra snapped fingers and blood-red cloud appeared and snapped her husband taking him away at such speed that those people didn't even have time to react.   

The woman saw just red dot disappearing and realized how dangerous actually this youth is. She trembled a little bit but the felt a slight kick in her belly. Her children need her now more than ever.

''I am Aia. Those people outside all made deal with that man. He probably promised them different things. The King's chair, the eternal youth, the powers... All of those.'' She sighed. ''He is currently in the city and is looking for the Eye of power that the King got from someone fro Caledon Valley.''

''Eye of power is only useful to check someone's ability as I heard.'' Kendra was confused. The Eye had no other ability as she knew.

''They want to amplify its power and find rest of the power users and get them into their own army. But without that thing, they can't do a thing. I heard Lord Cassian of Caledon Valley ahs it as well and made a school for everyone who has powers. Those people hearing that will use that fact and will try to kill as many power users that are headed towards the Balley. One part of people is still making problems trough the city and rest are on their way to the Caledon Valley.''

She felt dizzy. the blob enveloped her and she fell asleep. Kendra shook her head and just felt a headache rising again.

''Smiley, the sleeping pill.'' She whispered while her red eyes fell on the woman that fell asleep and sent her as well with the cloud back to that place where the rest of the people slept happily.

Her eyes slipped from the woman on cloud flying away and stared at those that maniacally tried to trow all kinds of things towards her shield including the stuff inside the big hall. 

She waved her hand in annoyance and suddenly everything froze. The stuff in the air, the people on the ground even drops of liquid floated in the air.

She closed her shield and slowly walked towards outside while gale slowly rose more and more, hitting everything and everyone and turning them into speckless dust. 

Her hair waved in the gale while she turned her head towards now clean hall. Everything turned like before and it looked like those people never were there in the first place. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

She smiled lightly and left...
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