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Kendra sighed and motioned him to enter the carriage. He already knew from before that Kendra had space so he expected it to enter hers but suddenly he entered an unfamiliar place.

He turned his head towards her to stare at her questioningly but saw her walking slowly toward certain direction. She turned her head and put finger on her lips while pointing at a small pavilion. His eyes darted and he saw inside small child sleeping blissfully and smiling in her dreams. His brain blanked for a moment but suddenly he felt pain and turned his head towards Kendra that held the small stone and was about to throw it at him, again.

He nodded at her with a sheepish smile and started walking towards her, but still thinking about that blissful smile. Then he chuckled slightly. Her sleeping posture tho... Kendra turned her head and looked at him questioningly. He whispered: ''Like piglet...'' Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

She coughed lightly to cover her laugh and was about to reprimand him as they heard a tiny voice. ''Who do you call piglet?'' They simultaneously turned around and saw Isaa walking towards them with wool-like hair and rubbing her eyes. ''I asked, who do you call piglet, Cian. Don't stare at me that way, I would recognize you even if you turn into a real giant or old man. Pah.'' 

Kendra started laughing loudly while pointing her finger at Cian's face that started changing colors. ''Ha ha ha, Ciaaaan. Now what will you do, if she knew that you called HER piglet, who knows how she might react... hahahhahahahaha...'' Tears started going down her face as she held her stomach and continued laughing. But soon she suddenly stopped and started laughing even harder. 

At first, Isaa was still sleepy as she slept for quite some time, but even tho she could feel Kendra in her sleep she was free of any alert. But the moment someone else entered her space she instantly woke up and was at first nervous, but seeing Cian's expression made her mood turn better for a moment. Next moment she wanted to beat him to death. Did he dare to call her piglet? He dares?!

She started chasing him halfheartedly as she didn't really want to hurt him, at least not kill him. But he had to be punished. So she used her powers against him to hit his head with branches of trees and on end, he kneeled down to ask for mercy while she stood in front of him all proud of her success. She laughed loudly while Kendra shook her head.

She let the two alone and went to the kitchen and started to prepare some food. She looked at the vegetables she bought and remembered that she let some wild mushrooms grow in Isaa's space so she went there to look. There was a corner of Isaa's space that was prepared for wild vegetables and mushrooms in a small forest. 

She entered the forest and she didn't even have to search for a long time, right at the beginning she found a large number of huge mushrooms. She stared at mushrooms of the size of the table and wondered are they fine to eat, but soon a small animal came out woods, bit piece of it and took it with her. Kendra followed the small animal that looked as it seems like a weasel. It took the piece to his lair and ate it together with his wife that had small pups. 

Kendra saw his action and knew that mushrooms are safe. She looked one more time at weasel family and wondered when did those creatures start to become vegetarians... She turned her head one more time to glance at them and walked back to the kitchen area while being in deep thought. She collected part of the same mushroom that weasel family ate and started preparing it.  

Cian and Isaa came in and saw Kendra slicing and dicing a big chunk of some material that they never saw before and curiously approached. Isaa sniffled at the strange thing and shrugged at Cian that shrugged as well.  She turned her head to ask Kendra about it but saw her busing herself with food that she stopped and just watched. 

Kendra used lots of onion, garlic, and mushroom to make the stuffing. To the mixture, she added salt and pepper as well as some herbs. As long it was frying, she cut few big potatoes and hollowed them with a spoon. The done stuffing was filled into potatoes and then with a swing of her hand, she used real fire to bake them slowly. She had already adjusted her breathing, so she could control the real fire and add more of true energy into the food. As food was infused with more and more energy at the same time it was done as well. She slowly used her powers to lower the temperature of the meal without energy loss of the meal and arranged it neatly on plates with a big amount of salad and tomatoes.

She used her space ring and with a wave of her hand, a few more dishes appeared out of it. She smiled at the two people and unceremoniously sat down and started eating. 

Isaa and Cian stared at her with big eyes as the meal arrived in front of them. They sniffled the meal and turned their heads simultaneously towards Kendra as their eyes shone with strange light...
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