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Shadow Princess 40 Spreading 'LOVE'

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Nuwa nervously looked at the silver colored box. She was tightly clutching it on her fists as if her whole life was now depending on it.

The moment she heard the coachmen's scream, her instincts told her that she needed to prepare for the worst. After all, she was an assassin who had been diligently working as the princess's shadow guard for the past two years. How can she sit calmly with empty-handed in such a dire situation!

Nuwa didn't want to burden her group. When Xiao Anhao and Yao mama was panicking, in their distraction, she actually took out the box from her personal belongings.

Inside the box had a mysterious fragrance pouch.

'Heh! It is really mysterious though!'

Nuwa scoffed as her face grimace soon. She never thought that there will come a day when she'd hold such a disgusting thing and depended on it.

The fragrance pouch was not an available pouch that could be found everywhere like the ordinary ones because it was created by King Jingze and also, it was UNIQUE.

Nuwa's lips twitched in humor about thinking about uncle Jingze. That man was really narcissistic, he wanted to plagiarize master Ying's one of the greatest creation, 'Love Portion', which would make a person instantly fall in love after swallowing it.

Master Ying was a godly level alchemist. Well, it would be an insult if someone asks who he was! He was so much respected that people called him 'Heavenly Master'. His fame had speared like wildfire in the entire continent. Even the infamous emperors would be needed to kneel down to a request for treatments.

Too bad the alchemist's whereabouts were unknown. He was very mysterious. No one had ever seen his face. He had never shown up in public places, as a result, all of his business dealings would be handled by only a handful of his trusted people and each of his creations was so precious that one needed to spend a great fortune as well as efforts. That's why most of his creations would only be sold in large auction houses with an unbelievable skyrocketed price.

Unfortunately, Master Ying had ever taken any discipline or maybe, people were unaware of it. Even the most genius among the peerless geniuses wouldn't dare to stand a chance to daydream about taking a glimpse of his face, when, King Jingze dared to declare that He'd not only copy the love portion rathe,r he'd create the most unique fragrance pouch which would make hundreds of people falling in love instant. He would create history.

Indeed he created a history! He succeeded in creating a fragrance bomb or pouch or whatever though!

It was too unique to tolerate for any human being. The odor was worse than shit, it was so terrifying that even a dead man would turn alive.

Nuwa still remembered the day uncle Jingze created the "Sh*t fragrance pouch", the whole palace was turned into a massive massacre spree, people were fainting and vomiting everywhere because of the brutal odors. The odor was so horrifying that even the aloof Emperor stepped in the matter and declared everyone to evacuate the palace immediately.

It took more than two days for the smells to go out!

The emperor then angrily rebuked uncle Jingze in the courtroom in front of many people and ordered him that he should stop creating such dangerous bombs. Not only the emperor, but even the ministers also advised and tried to coax King Jingze.

The reasoned that it was impossible to copy Master Ying's creations without a formula. So King Jingze shouldn't try being a copycat. But how could someone reason with a quick-witted person!

The narcissist King Jingze changed his previous statements and shamelessly said that He never intended to copy 'Love Pills'.

"Why should I plagiarize some Master Ying? He should follow me. Heh! I challenge that no one can create my fragrance pouch except me. Ha ha ha..."

Nuwa's mouth escaped a giggle when thinking about uncle Jingze's shameless declarations in front of so many people in the middle of the huge imperial court. Everyone's jaw dropped on his narcissism that they forgot to reply to him. Who wants to reason with a lunatic like that!

Howbeit, she had already started missing him. For her, those memories were priceless...

Before leaving, she took a few boxes of the pouch as momentoes.

'Who knew that uncle's worst creation would come handy!'

Nuwa was actually making a bait. She was not confident enough about the after-effects of the fragrance pouch or if it'd really work like before. But what else she could do except taking a risk!

Nuwa was not arrogant enough to think her martial arts skills could save them. There are hundreds of people, she could never win against them physically. If a martial genius like Ruo Xie could not win against them, then how could she!

Nuwa bit her lips nervously and murmured.

"I hope this works..."

[Note: Unedited chapter.]
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