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The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife The Sly Lady Chapter 258: Antidote 1

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Chapter 258: Antidote (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
“The assassin sneaked into the mansion. Isn’t it obvious that he attempted to kill His Highness?” Ouyang Shaochen said blandly with a piercing glare.

The assassin had been killed and the crown prince poisoned. All these proved Ouyang’s assumption, except for the wounded man.

Duan Wuluo turned to the man and asked, “What about him?” Judging from his appearance, the man must be a servant.

“Prefect Duan, why don't you keep him in custody and interrogate him?” Ouyang said casually with a calm look.

Suddenly, he felt Murong Xue’s body getting hot in his arms. It turned out that the incense was kicking in so that her energy was being drained, her face flushed, and her eyes turned bleary.

Ouyang heaved a sigh and bent down to hold Murong up in his arms. When he turned around and walked off slowly, his farewell spread with the wind. “We’re gonna excuse ourselves. Please take care of the rest, Prefect Duan.”

With his jade-like hand pressed against Murong's back, Ouyang transferred his internal power to her, which compressed the havoc inside her body and brought her back to life. She took a glance at Gong Qianyu who had flush and bleary eyes, before she turned to Duan and warned, “Prefect Duan, don’t forget to take Gong Qianyu to the pool of cold water. It can antidote the incense.”

“You’re poisoned. Just stop talking,” Ouyang interrupted coldly since the only person she cared about was Gong after she came back to her senses.

Abruptly, Ouyang slowed down the transfer of internal power, and meanwhile, the incense began wreaking havoc inside Murong's body again. In no time, she got out of head, with her face flushed and her clear eyes turning bleary. She said with a glower at Ouyang, “Gong Qianyu helped me. I care about him only because I want to pay him back. Don’t be so mean.”

“Gong Qianyu is the crown prince of Nanjiang and Duan Wuluo is the prefect of Nanjiang. I’m sure Duan will take care of Gong. You don’t have to worry about it,” Ouyang replied angrily. Subconsciously, he slowed down the transfer when he strode forward, holding Murong in his arms.

The dim candlelight cast a ruddy glow over Murong’s pretty face. As the incense’s efficacy unknowingly increased, Murong leaned on Ouyang’s chest to cool herself and said powerlessly with narrowed eyes, “I need a cold bath!”

“I know!” Ouyang nodded and sped up abruptly.

When the breeze blew to Murong with heat, the havoc instantly wreaked inside her body so that she twisted in Ouyang’s arms. “Heir, are we in the pool now?”

“Almost there!” Looking at the suffering look on her face and knitted eyebrows, Ouyang tapped the ground with his tiptoe and flew over the entrance of the courtyard. Finally, he landed in front of the guestroom lightly.

He strode inside and put Murong down on the bed carefully. With a sullen look, Ouyang pressed himself slowly onto Murong and his thin lips against her sexy ones. The hot kiss was so fierce that she could hardly breathe, looking lustfully bleary in her eyes.

After he untied her belt with his jade-like fingers, the light blue dress fell onto the ground. When he kissed gently on her fair neck, pink blossoms appeared on it.

“Heir!” Murong whispered, flushing with her eyes narrowed and her eyelashes fluttering.

“Um!” Ouyang made a hoarse sound as he kept kissing Murong’s neck.

“Are we... In the pool?” Murong asked. Her skin turned lustfully pink as the incense kicked in.

When Ouyang’s eyes instantly turned alert and vaguely sly, he whispered, “Yes, we are.”

His thin lips were pressed fiercely against her lustful ones again. Ouyang threw his powerful arms around her slender waist as if he was about to absorb her body into his.

Tortured by the incense, Murong totally lost her consciousness and could barely breathe. So she kept shaking her head, trying to get some air, and pushed Ouyang away with her powerless arms. Her chic chignon fell apart and disheveled like petals.

A hairpin dropped right onto the back of her hand, the sharp pain of which made her come to her senses gradually. After she opened her eyes slowly with her eyelashes fluttering, she found everything strange, including the turquoise curtain, rosewood table and screen. She knew it wasn’t the pool.

Murong felt someone on her body exhaling warm air to her neck, which gave her a start. She looked down, only to find her coat taken off, two top buttons of the underwear undone and Ouyang kissing her on the neck.

As her eyes blazed with anger, Murong reached out to grab him by the lapel. She asked, gnashing her teeth, “Ouyang Shaochen, what are you doing? Is it the pool?”

“The incense is extremely powerful. Let me fix it, so you can suffer less,” Ouyang said blandly and looked at Murong calmly. He didn’t feel ashamed or awkward for being caught in the act of the wrong deed.

“I told you I need a cold bath, not this!” Murong said in a horrible voice with a glower at Ouyang.

“Chances are the cold water will cause a terrible cold,” Ouyang said in a low voice, looking mysterious.

“I’ve got medicine for the cold. It won’t hurt me,” Murong said word by word with an unusually determined look.

With an angry look, Ouyang caressed her pretty face, which was too smooth for him to get his hand off. “Are you sure you need a cold bath?”

“Uh huh!” Murong nodded fiercely. Her face was suffused with a flush and her bright eyes turned bleary with the incense kicking in again.

“Alright.” Ouyang nodded before he got off the bed elegantly. He walked to the back of the screen, carrying Murong in his arms.

“Where to?” Murong tried hard to maintain sober and looked at Ouyang blandly when the havoc kept wreaking.

“The pool!” Ouyang answered casually as he dashed forward.

“You must take me to a real pool, not another room,” Murong said faintly with a stare at Ouyang. She couldn’t trust him easily again since he had cheated her just now.
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