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Flower of Ruins 29 On Hold

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Heya~ Long time no see!

I'm sorry! 。・゚゚・(\u003eд\u003c)・゚゚・。

It's been more than 4 months I guess. Hehe..

Let's just say thattttt I'm experiencing some author block (I knew I said that this novel had already been completed on papers)

Due to the fact that I had changed some plot in the story, the story was long gone from the supposed to be main plots, so yeah, I need to write some more new chapters in order to make sure this story go back to it supposed to be main plots!。・゚゚・(\u003eд\u003c)・゚゚・。


Moreover this year I am going to sit for an exam that will determine my fate in the future( works and stuffs ya know)

Btw, I am studying to become an chemical engineer! :') (It's so hard)

Oh! Actually I am going to say that MY HELLISH OF SCHOOL decided that my year WON'T be able to GO HOME DURING HOLIDAYS( Basically we are trapped at school like some pets). Why? BECAUSE THE FAT-FLAPPY-BELLY PRINCIPAL -I mean- OUR 'BELOVED' PRINCIPAL wants our year to get straight A+ in the examination! Yeah! I love him( F-no, he swallowed our money! \u0026annoying!)

Thereafter! I won't be able to continue writing this story this year. Worry not, I will continue it in the end of 2020;) (Or If I'm able to go home this year I will..)

f-life! :')

SO BUBYE! MEET YOU GUYS LATER! and just hope I won't die this year. (My health been bad lately)

Pray to God the apademic will stop!

Full of love,

Miss Hua~ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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