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"Big Brother Ye Mei, please tell us honestly... how did Little Xie pass these years by?" Hua Yao looked at the departing back of Jun Wu Xie and she had left so decisively, rendering a pain in his heart. He could not laugh so naturally like Qiao Chu, since he met Jun Wu Xie, he realized that her spirit was strong, but there was not the slightest joy in her heart. He just wondered...what kind of life had she lived over the past five years and how did she become so powerful?

About those five years, Jun Wu Xie did not mention much. Even if it was mentioned, it was also glossed over casually as if there was nothing special that had happened in those five years.

However, over the past five years, Qiao Chu and the rest had worked extremely hard but their cultivation had only reached the realm of the Gold Spirit. When they came back from the Spirit World before, they had only attained the level of the Silver Spirit. From the Silver Spirit to the Gold Spirit, they had toiled on endlessly without rest as they strived hard in their thirst for more power. Fortunately, their souls had not been exhausted. Being able to attain such an achievement, they had tapped onto Jun Wu Xie's Spirit Reinforcement to accelerate their cultivation results. It could be seen how challenging it was to achieve such results after so long.

However, the advancement of Jun Wu Xie had once again surpassed their imagination.

Condensing a Spirit Ring and condensing a complete Spirit Ring at that, in only five years, how could any ordinary person achieve such a feat?

Ye Mei sighed, and after Jun Wu Xie left, the smile on Qiao Chu's face disappeared without a trace. He knew very well that in front of Jun Wu Xie, these guys had forced themselves to put on a casual look of joy, but at the bottom of their hearts, they were distressed but did not dare to reveal anything in front of her.

"Young Miss, she has been here for five years..."

Over the past five years, Jun Wu Xie had been living on the edge of life and death. The cultivation method of the Soul World only applied to one with a soul body, and if one wanted to forcefully use it, one needed to be extra careful, as this cultivation method was not meant for the human body and would result in detrimental damages. In terms of dealing with this detrimental damage, she would always need a lot of medicinal herbs while she was cultivating this method. At the initial stage, she would always vomit blood, and a lot of medicinal herbs were eaten in order to support her body. At that time, Ye Mei and the rest were all drenched in cold sweat. They wanted to discourage her, they did not want her to be so desperate, but every time they looked at her eyes, they could only swallow their words back.....

Jun Wu Xie left the room and passed through the corridor in the palace. The black beast followed slowly beside her.

"Are you afraid?" The black beast suddenly spoke.

The connection between their souls enabled it to clearly feel the subtle changes in the heart of Jun Wu Xie.

From the moment she met Qiao Chu and the rest, her emotions began to sway, and the pulsation of her soul was very obvious. She seemed to resist recognizing her companions. Even after she had been defeated by Qiao Chu's stubborn and relentless pestering, she still consciously kept a distance from them.

"Maybe." There was nothing to hide between Jun Wu Xie and the black beast.

How could she not be afraid?

After personally experiencing such a fierce battle, how could she not be afraid after personally witnessing Ren Huang sacrifice himself?

Rescuing Jun Wu Yao and exacting revenge on the Upper Realm was the driving force behind her survival, but she was also very clear. Under such a purpose, how dangerous the hidden danger was. She did not want Qiao Chu and the others to participate in it nor was she willing to pull her family members into such a dangerous whirlpool.

Jun Wu Xie had to admit that she could not afford to take another blow. She could no longer take another similar blow, the despair she felt five years ago had been too traumatic. She no longer wanted to see anyone she cared about die in front of her.
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