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"So... you tricked them?" Fan Zhuo looked at her with a smile that was not a smile, he did not know why but Jun Wu Xie's little antics made him feel very warm.

Their Little Xie had not changed completely, that's great.

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly, on her cold face there was not a shred of guilty conscience reflected on it.

"Why do you want to keep them in the Dark Regions? I don't think they are that strong." Qiao Chu was very curious, with the strength of Jun Wu Xie, he really felt that it was simple to deal with a few souls.

"They are useful to me." Jun Wu Xie replied.

They were souls in the purest form and they were stronger than the souls of the Spirit World but they were not strong enough to suppress her. At that time when she was severely injured, they had came forth and she immediately noticed their uniqueness, hence she had used the seed of the Spirit Tree as a bargaining chip to exchange some conditions with Long Jiu.

Long Jiu and the others needed to teach Jun Wu Xie the special cultivation method to make her strong enough, and after her revenge, she would return the seed of the Spirit Tree to them.

Qiao Chu and others listened on in silence. They only thought that these few poor souls of the Soul World seemed to be a little too naive. Bargaining with Jun Wu Xie...it is estimated that they might even end up without their underwear at the end of it all!

"They just agreed like that?" Fei Yan raised his eyebrows slightly.

Ye Mei on the side couldn't help but laugh out as he said, "How did they dare to refuse? Young Miss told them at the beginning that if they didn't agree, she would immediately blow herself up and they wouldn't be able to even have the remnants of the seed."

Qiao Chu and others listened in surprise. After the surprise wore off, all that their heart felt was as if it was blocked and stifled.

If it was Jun Wu Xie who said it, it should not have been a joke. At that time, they were afraid that she really thought so. The Soul World had a special method of soul cultivation, which was more effective than the Spirit World. That was why, the Soul World could be independent from the Upper Realm. Even Luo Qingcheng's Master would not dare to easily provoke them and could only treat them with courtesy.

What Jun Wu Xie wanted was a type of strength that they had mastered, and at that time, Jun Wu Xie had just climbed out from the depths of the most desperate situation. Even though her heart was filled with hatred, the reality was cruelly telling her that based on her age and strength, the power to take revenge in a short time was almost a fantasy.

Therefore, Jun Wu Xie was able to say such a decisive statement in front of Long Jiu, because she needed strength, no matter what method was used. If they had not agreed, she would rather have blown herself up and died.

How much hatred did she have to make such a decision?

Qiao Chu and the rest could not smile, they could not muster up a smile at all. As long as they mention things from five years ago, they felt that their chest hurt. They looked at the cold figure before them and they were filled with unspeakable pain.

Jun Wu Xie seemed to have perceived their thoughts as she wrinkled her brows and wanted to avoid their stinging gazes. But she could not do so and eventually let out a sigh and looked at her companions who cared about her and said: "As you can see, they are very gullible."

Therefore, she did not blow herself up and mastered a powerful strength.

"Little Xie..." Qiao Chu looked at Jun Wu Xie trying to put up a brave front and his nose was sour.

Jun Wu Xie froze momentarily before she averted her gaze as she stood up abruptly and said: "I'm going to bathe, the smell is too bad." After that, she immediately left.

How would they not know that she was intentionally avoiding them?
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