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Jun Wu Yao's relationship with the Soul World was not bad then and even had some friendly relationship with the Spirit Tree. However, when he left the Upper Realm,he had ever so conveniently brought the seeds of the Spirit Tree along with him and that person that Qiao Chu and the rest had met with earlier was a soul of the Soul World. But it was different from those of the Spirit World where they could not leave the boundaries of the Spirit World. The souls of the Soul World were extremely pure and they had the ability to manifest a solid body, there was only one special thing that they possessed, it was their eyes!

No matter how similar the soul of the Soul World resembled ordinary people, their grey eyes revealed the fact that they were but a soul.

Because of the loss of the seed of the Spirit Tree, the Soul World plunged into a state of chaos. They sent people many times to find the seed of the Spirit Tree, far and wide. They searched everywhere and even found the traces of Jun Wu Yao, but each and every time, he had managed to shake them off and they failed to recover the seed. It was only until Jun Wu Yao was captured that these guys could sense the exact location of the seed of the Spirit Tree and they followed the trail all the way here. The enchantment outside the Dark Regions could not confuse a soul hence they were able to pinpoint the exact location and have stayed here ever since.

"I... I'm a little dizzy after hearing all of this... They found the seed of the Spirit Tree? Then why do they still stay here?" Qiao Chu suddenly felt that his IQ had been greatly challenged!

Ye Mei looked at Jun Wu Xie and stopped talking.

Jun Wu Xie replied: "Because the seed of the Spirit Tree is in my body."

"....." Qiao Chu and others widened their eyes and looked incredulously at Jun Wu Xie. They suddenly recalled back then at the Cloudy Peaks, when the Qing Yun Clan was destroyed, Jun Wu Xie had been severely injured by the people of the Twelve Palaces. At that time, in order to get rid of the opponent, she had used a similar method which caused her soul to be hit hard. After that, Jun Wu Yao came and gave her something that could repair the soul... and that...it seemed to be... ...a seed?

Golden seed...

"At the beginning, Young Miss was seriously injured. When we took her back, the seed of the Spirit Tree in her body repaired her soul, and once that power was invoked, it had immediately let Long Jiu and the others sense the exact location of the seed and they had found their way here. Long Jiu is that person you just saw." Ye Mei touched his nose, at the beginning, Jun Wu Xie was severely injured and both her body and soul had suffered heavy damages. The seed of the Spirit Tree had spontaneously repaired her soul on its own and some of its power leaked out and had led Long Jiu and the others here.

"That... can the seed be taken out?" Qiao Chu swallowed his saliva as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. He finally understood in the conversation earlier, why Long Jiu was worried about whether or not she was injured however, there was no genuine concern in it. The other party was clearly concerned about the safety of the seed of the Spirit Tree.

"No." Jun Wu Xie replied in a nonchalant manner.

The eyes of Qiao Chu and others almost rolled out of their sockets.

"It can't be taken out? Do they know that?"

"They don't." Jun is quiet and calm.


Qiao Chu and others immediately fell silent. Well, they thought that Jun Wu Xie had now became very cold, but they did not expect that her shrewd mind had not changed at all. It was obviously a seed that couldn't be taken out, but she had used it to fool the few souls that came from the Soul World!
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