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Ye Sha simply shrugged his shoulders.

Qiao Chu and the rest were even more confused, this person... was obviously not from the Dark Regions, how could he...

"Got it." Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

That man seemed to not have an interest in dealing with Ye Sha any further and only looked at Jun Wu Xie with a troubled expression. After looking at her from top to bottom, he said: "You went out to kill, right? Your entire body reeks of blood and it stinks. Looking at you, I don't think you have been hurt, right? If you are injured, you must tell me. You can't be injured now."

The words that man said were clearly words of concern but yet when it reached the ears of Qiao Chu and the rest, it felt very strange. Although it seemed as if he was concerned yet there was not any sincerity in them.

"Mn." Jun Wu Xie replied in a perfunctory tone.

That man just nodded in satisfaction as he glanced once more from head to bottom at her before he said, "The next time you have to pay attention!"

Jun Wu Xie ignored him.

That man did not seem to care about her attitude and just like this, he glossed over it before he said, "Alright then, this is the last time. I will let Old Five and the rest know." After he said his piece, he left.

Qiao Chu and the others who had witnessed everything were stumped by what they saw, they could not understand anything at all. What was the purpose of that man's appearance? Just to get some perfunctory words from Jun Wu Xie?

He was just so easily coaxed?

Jun Wu Xie brought them into the hall and found the room for them to rest in. The few companions relaxed as they sat down in contentment. It was as if they had never been separated at all. Ye Sha left to prepare some refreshments and Qiao Chu lay on the soft couch without any regards for his image and comfortably crossed his legs.

"That person just now... what was that all about?" Rong Ruo looked at Ye Mei with query, she knew very well that if she asked Jun Wu Xie, she would not be able to get the answer.

Ye Mei smiled bitterly and shook his head as he answered in a wry tone, "To be precise, he is a creditor."

"Creditor?" They widened their eyes incredulously.

"That can't be, right? Big Brother Wu Yao is rich to that extent and he still owes debts?" Qiao Chu looked at him unbelievably, Jun Wu Yao could easily bury a city full of people with his wealth! If they were talking about debts, anyone could owe debts but it was impossible for Jun Wu Yao.

"It's not money, it's a seed." Ye Mei attempted to explain further.


Ye Mei nodded his head and quickly glanced at Jun Wu Xie. Only after affirming that she had no intention to stop him from explaining did he continue.

In the beginning, Jun Wu Yao was a person from the Upper Realm. That was only because of the unscrupulous attempt to capture him that he came to the Middle Realm. However, just before he left, Jun Wu Yao had taken something very important from the Upper Realm.

In the Upper Realm, there was also a place similar to the Spirit World. The existence of the Spirit World came about because of the thought of the Spirit Lord who wanted to accommodate those souls who had not disbursed from the world. And in the Upper Realm, there was actually a mystical place – Soul World.

The Soul World was similar to the Spirit World, yet different. There was a Spirit Tree in the Soul World and according to rumours, all the souls of the three realms came from this very tree. The fruit of the Spirit Tree was where countless souls had came about and after the fruit matured, they would turn into souls and enter the reincarnation cycle to bring about a new life.

It could be said that the Soul World was the very foundation of the three realms. Every person, every creature, each and every soul had came from the soul world, including the Spirit Lord. The Spirit Lord was the product of the Spirit Tree as well, but he did not choose to become a living being, but chose to continue living as a soul.
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