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Years of concern had passed but yet at the time of meeting, it had turned into endless guilt. Just as five years ago, they had affirmed that sense of guilt and self blame towards her.

They had said that they would live and die together but when Jun Wu Xie needed them most, they weren't there for her.

Qiao Chu's crying had echoed throughout the entire city that was engulfed in silence, sweeping away the stifling atmosphere of death and left only a sense of bleakness and uneasiness.

Fei Yan and the rest stood at the city gates. They did not dare to move nor could they move. They did not know how to face Jun Wu Xie, how to face that sense of guilt that had been harboured in their hearts for the past five years. They could only clench their fists and lower their heads, not daring to meet her gaze. Their hearts were in turmoil and felt as if the hearts were being torn apart.

Over the past five years, they had thought about it many times. If they were also present that they, if they had not left the Middle Realm, but they also be able to accompany her through the most painful and desperate situation?

Jun Wu Xie had helped them to exact their blood enmities, but they... had left her alone, she had to bear everything alone, Ren Huang's sacrifice, Yan Bu Gui's tragic death and Jun Wu Yao's departure.... Each and everyone of this happened was like a sharp blade that pierced their hearts. Just by listening to what had happened, they already felt unbearable and they did not dare to think how Jun Wu Xie who had personally experienced everything, how could she bear such a devastation.

Jun Wu Xie stood in the same place and looked at Qiao Chu who was crying on the ground. All she could hear was Qiao Chu's ramblings that were full of apologies and regrets.

Her cold eyes trembled slightly as she raised her gaze and looked at Fei Yan and the others who stood at the entrance of the city. Those were her partners who had fought side by side with her over countless years, the very companions that she had abandoned for the past five years...

They had came.

They said that they were here to bring her home.

Go home...

Jun Wu Xie's eyes trembled slightly and she suddenly lowered them as she took in a deep breath. Without saying a word, she turned around.

"Go back." Jun Wu Xie's voice was so cold that made people tremble, those words were however meant for the Night Regime.

Ye Sha was stunned, he had thought that with the arrival of Qiao Chu and the rest, they could perhaps open the heart of Jun Wu Xie. But he did not think that.. Jun Wu Xie still chose to leave.

"Young Miss..." Ye Sha could no longer bear it and hearing Qiao Chu's cries made his heart feel sour and sad. He did not believe that Jun Wu Xie would remain unmoved.

"I said to go..." Jun Wu Xie's voice was cold the but before she could finish her words, she froze in place.

Qiao Chu who was kneeling behind her had reached out at this moment and grabbed her hand.

Jun Wu Xie had completely stood frozen in place and it was if she had been struck by lightning.

"Don't go... can you please don't go... we were wrong... don't.. please don't leave us... We have been searching for you for so long... really.. really long." Qiao Chu realised that Jun Wu Xie had actually intended to leave and he no longer cared about all the guilt he felt and grabbed onto her.

They could no longer go back to that year, meeting today, they had already realized that Jun Wu Xie was bent on contending with the Upper Realm. How could they let her face such a powerful and dangerous enemy all on her own? How could they watch on by the side and let her go battle by herself?

"Let go." Jun Wu Xie did not look back, her voice was so cold that it was as if she did not recognize Qiao Chu.

However, Qiao Chu was very stubborn and refused to let go.

"Not letting go! I'm not going to let go! I refuse to let go! This time, even if you kill me I will not let go! If you want to leave, you have to kill me first!!"
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