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Long Qi nodded slightly as his gaze fell to the few youths around Qiao Chu.

Hua Yan, Rong Ruo, Fan Zhuo, and Fei Yan were once the companions who walked alongside Jun Wu Xie. Over the past five years, unable to attain any news of Jun Wu Xie, these five youths had smothered themselves with self blame.

If they had been in the Middle Realm then, if they had not returned to the Lower Realm they be able to accompany Jun Wu Xie and face all the dangers together?

They could not imagine how Jun Wu Xie would be after experiencing Jun Wu Yao's departure and how she would be bearing the burden of the Ren Huang's death...

That year after the bloody battle, Fei Yan and Qu Ling Yue had returned with the Spirit Jade Palace Lord and Su Ya as well as the survivors of the Spirit Jade Palace.

But at the same time, they also received a devastating piece of news!

Yan Bu Gui had perished…

The man who once rescued them from the abyss of death, like a father and a teacher to them had died silently in the desolate mountainside of the Middle Realm. In order to protect his beloved woman, he gave his life up in exchange.

This news delivered a great blow to them and for a long time, they were maddened with rage and wanted to rush to the Middle Realm to recover the blood debt but they were forcibly stopped by Jun Xian.

Their Master had fallen, their companion disappeared. The pain that they suffered was unbearable and in a short span of one month, they had lost weight as they delved themselves into a bout of relentless cultivation. If they could, they were even willing to give up their lives in exchange for strength so that they could exact revenge for Yan Bu Gui and bring Jun Wu Xie back.

In the span of five years, for others it may seem long but for them who had worked hard day and night, how much they had experienced, even Long Qi was unable to determine that. He only knew for certain that these five years had brought about a huge change in them.

For them, to be able to cultivate in the Spirit World was the most precious treasure they had attained in this life.

"Maybe we can get some news of Little Xie from the Night Regime." Qiao Chu turned his head and looked at the city which looked peaceful in the surface but it would not be too long before it will turn into a river of blood.

Five years....

Where did that little girl hide to and why was she so reluctant to meet with them?

Even though their search had always came back with fruitless results, they did not believe that she had died. How could such an outstanding little lass perish so easily in the hands of the Upper Realm? They did not believe it, even if you beat them to death, they would never believe it.

During these five years, from the initial search to the subsequent cultivation, they had always firmly believed that Jun Wu Xie was alive. They firmly believed that she must have had her own reasons that had delayed her return to the Lower Realm. They continued to cultivate and made themselves stronger, relentlessly pursuing the power that could be her strength when they meet again that one day.

They did not ever want to lose anyone in desperation and despair due to their lack of power!

"Rest assured, that little devil is definitely living well. Hadn't the people of the Rui Lin Army mentioned before that they had seen Ye Sha? Since Ye Sha is alive, then that means that Little Xie is definitely still alive!" Fei Yan raised his hands and patted Qiao Chu's shoulder, although he was comforting Qiao Chu, it seemed more as if he was comforting himself. Five long years had passed and Fei Yan's appearance had undergone some subtle changes. The once feminine features were gone and no one longer mistook him for a woman.
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