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In the span of three days, Qiu Yun had gathered all the forces that he could use. On the third day, early in the morning, they had set of for the target division of the Heavenly Wolf Temple. In order to ensure that the entire Night Regime be annihilated, the number of Gold Spirits and disciples of the Nine Temples total almost over ten thousand. These people had infiltrated the city which the Heavenly Wolf Temple was located in. Some hid in various houses while some were secretly observing the movements outside. At this moment, the entire city had been cloaked with a murderous trap.

Qiu Yun had absolute confidence that as long as the Night Regime stepped into the city, he would definitely get them all!

At that time, he must let them experience a suffering that was a thousand times worse so that he could vent out all the anger that he had been suppressing over the past few days. He would also pry out the location of the Dark Regions personally from them. Now that Jun Wu Yao was no longer around, the Dark Regions had no one to lead them. Qiu Yun had determined that the recent attacks of the Night Regime was just revenge for Jun Wu Yao and all he needed to do was to completely cut off their path.


After destroying the Dark Regions, he could even carry their heads and bring them over to the Upper Realm and let the former Dark Emperor appreciate the deaths of his subordinates!

Thinking about this, Qiu Yun's gaze turned even more malicious.

No one had realized that at this time, a group of people had rushed to the hillside outside of the city.

A handsome and extraordinary young man stood in the wind and stared at the city before him. At his side, several other outstanding youths similar in age had on the same astute gaze and watched carefully at all the movements outside the city.

"Is Old Hu sure that the Night Regime would strike here today?" That handsome young man asked with a light frown. He looked to be in his early twenties, he was just at the prime age and although he looked young and had very little traces of vicissitudes on his face, he gave people a very strong sense of reliability.

"Old Hu's words should be correct. When the Night Regime raided the division of the Nine Temples, one Gold Spirit had escaped. He was hidden then and had also heard the words exchanged between the Night Regime. Their next target is this division." Another youth who stood by his side nodded and replied in a gentle tone while lifting up the fingertips slightly as a crystal clear butterfly landed on them.

"Hell Butterfly has already detected a large number of Gold Spirits hidden in the city. It seems that those people had also received the news and plan to ambush the Night Regime." That gentle youth slowly raised the hand and that beautiful Hell Butterfly fluttered away.

Just as the few youths began discussing, a man wearing a light armour strode over. His face was cold and aloof, his stature towering and he exuded the fortitude that was unique to a soldier.

"Master Qiao, Master Rong, the team is all prepared and ready to launch the attack at any time." That man said coldly, there was a Qilin emblem engraved on his light armour. This emblem represented the strongest army in the Lower Realm - the Rui Lin Army!

And this person was not just anyone but the Great General of the Rui Lin Army - Long Qi!

The five youths standing before him were still a group of high-spirited teenagers five years ago and had fought alongside with Jun Wu Xie but they were played by fate and were separated. On this day today, they had been reunited here to find their companion who had been missing for so many years!

"Big Brother Long, let everyone be prepared, the Nine Temples has assembled a large force and are waiting in ambush. The Night Regime may be likely to suffer and it will be our turn to strike at that time." Qiao Chu said with a hearty smile on his face, but it no longer had any tinge of immaturity in it.
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