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That figure wore a black robe looked especially lonely amongst the white candles. She stood still as the warm flickering glow from the candle flames cast her shadow against the wall. When she heard the faint sound of footsteps, she turned around. A beautiful countenance appeared before the three of them.

That stunning face was peerless and impeccable. Compared to five years ago, there was much lesser childlike features. Instead, now she had blossomed and her temperament had became more polished. It was a unique charm that only women had. There was no emotions on her fair face, she stood there like a perfectly carved statue as she faced the warm candlelight.

Although it was such a beautiful sight, but somehow it made their hearts wince in pain.

"Young Miss." They each immediately got down on one knee.

The person who stood before then was none other than Jun Wu Xie who had survived the calamity five years ago.

The passage of time had left a silent imprint on Jun Wu Xie. On that face which always had on a cold expression, there was an additional touch of chilliness. A tall and majestic black beast stood by her side, it's smooth coat of fur looked even more enchanting under the candlelight as it exuded an oppressive aura.

Jun Wu Xie's gaze swept over the three of them and she raised her hand slightly.with the flourish of her sleeves, a silent wind stirred and in an instant, tens of thousands candle flames had been extinguished in an instant!

She slowly walked out into the midst of the main hall, walking past the three of them.

The three of them exchanged glances and immediately followed behind.

Jun Wu Xie sat on the throne with her legs crossed with one hand beneath her chin. There was not a shred of emotion on her captivating face, it was as if that moment of loneliness before was just a figment of their imagination.

The black beast lay crouched by her feet, over the past five years, Little Black no longer appeared in the form of a black cat. It accompanied Jun Wu Xie in its majestic form, only it knew her thoughts. Whatever was on her mind, it knew and the current Jun Wu Xie did not need that adorable little black cat but the powerful and majestic black beast by her side.

"How was it?" Jun Wu Xie asked in a cold tone, it was as if a glacier was floating on the surface of the water.

"In reply to Young Miss, as per your instructions, we have already started the assault on all the Palaces built by the Upper Realm. Today, thirty palaces were destroyed. We believe that the people of the Upper Realm in the Nine Temples would not sit still for long." Ye Sha immediately reported.

Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed as she said in a languid manner: "Continue."

"Yes!" Ye Sha nodded his head and he suddenly seemed to have thought of something as he said in a cautious manner, "Young Miss, while I was at one of the palaces, I discovered someone whom I suspect to be from the Rui Lin Army."

The moment he said that, the hand that was supporting her face suddenly stiffened.

Ye Gu immediately casted an unpleasant glance over at Ye Sha with a frown.

Ye Sha gritted his teeth and continued, "It wasn't only today, previously your subordinate had also discovered that in the Middle Realm, there's the presence of the Rui Lin Army. But their actions are extremely hidden and a had never been discovered by the people of the Nine Temples. Your subordinate suspects that they could be monitoring the Nine Temples and seem to be preparing for something."

After he finished, he secretly observed her reaction.


After her hand had stiffened at that moment, she had recovered and behaved as usual. She slowly raised her gaze and said in a calm voice, "Alright."

Ye Sha was slightly stunned, Jun Wu Xie actually had nothing else to say?

Only... alright?
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