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Over the five years, Jun Qing and the others joined in as well because they had a common enemy. The Spirit Master specially opened an entrance for the people of the Lower Realm. Even the soldiers of the Iron Blood Army and the Rui Lin Army had been given the opportunity to enter the Spirit World to cultivate.

"Empress, to what do we owe the honour of your presence today?" The soldiers of the Rui Lin Army looked at Qu Ling Yue who came with a strange expression.

For so many years, although the Flame Country had ceased to exist but because of the relationship between Qu Ling Yue and Jun Wu Xie, the people from the Rui Lin Army had been accustomed to addressing her as Empress.

Qu Ling Yue took a deep breath before she raised her eyes slightly. Despite her cold demeanour, there was a trace of happiness on her face.

"There is something to discuss with them, I need to summon them back."

"May I know whom should we summon?" One soldier walked to the side and picked up the soul card. That soul card was something that the Spirit Master had created with his power and the words written on it would be transmitted to the Spirit World. This was a convenient form of communication.

Qu Ling Yue replied: "Everyone."

That soldier was stunned momentarily at he quickly returned to his senses.

Qu Ling Yue looked out the window and stared at the scenery, the smile that had never appeared for five years had finally blossomed on her face.

"Tell them that the person that they have been waiting for would be back soon."


At the same time, in the Middle Realm, under the precipitous cliff that no one had never been to was shrouded in thick mist. Under the layers of thick mist, if one looked down, the bottom could not be seen. Rumours had it that under the rift valley, it was a boundless abyss. Even the birds could not find a place to land.


Beneath the mist about a kilometre away, the very place that instilled fear into the hearts of the Middle Realm was quietly hidden.

Dark Regions.

The sky could not be seen in the Dark Regions and it should be a world of darkness yet countless lights illuminate this hidden world.

That man dressed in the black light armour walked quietly along the main path, and the dark majestic buildings towered on each side.

Ye Sha brought his people to the highest Palace in the Dark Regions. When the other members of the Dark Regime who stood outside the Palace saw Ye Sha approaching, they nodded their heads slightly and did not stop him but stepped forward to open the tightly shut heavy door.

The moment the door opened, in the wide hall, two familiar figures appeared in front of him.

"The speed is pretty fast, how did you do today?" Standing in the middle, Ye Mei asked. Seeing Ye Sha sauntering over, he arched his brows.

Ye Gu who stood by the side also turned his head around and sized him up as he looked at Ye Sha's body which was still soaked in blood.

"Seven." Ye Sha said as he glanced back at Ye Mei.

"Eight." Ye Mei raised his chin slightly as he flicked out eight fingers to reiterate his claim.

Ye Sha glared at him coldly.

"Fifteen." Ye Gu coldly harrumphed.



Ye Sha and Ye Mei shut up immediately, compared to Ye Gu, their measly results could not hold a candle to his and they had nothing to be proud of.

"Cough, who's gonna compare such things with you guys? Where is Young Miss?" Ye Sha cleared his throat and decided not to self invite any humiliations in front of Ye Gu.

Having said that, Ye Mei immediately converged the smile on his face, he turned his gaze to the back of the main hall and lifted his chin slightly.

"Young Miss is praying for her grandmaster and the others."

Ye Sha's heart sank.

Five years ago, on this very day, Ren Huang had sacrificed himself in exchange for their lives.

The three of them seem to have reached a consensus and walked towards the rear of the main hall.

At the rear of the main hall, a cluster of candlelights illuminated the entire hall and a slender back appeared in their vision.
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