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The steel blade in the hands of one black robed man did not hesitate to strike down at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's back and at the next moment, a long gash so deep that the bone was visible appeared on his back. Blood sprayed out and his entire back was drenched in fresh blood, yet the Spirit Jade Palace Lord did not seem to care about it at all as he continued to rush towards the man who was hurting his disciples as he pushed himself to his fastest speed. With his own hands, he broke that man's neck!


He was still a step too late.

The one who had fallen to the ground was not only that person who had all slain his disciples but also that very disciple he had tried so hard to save.

That disciple looked very young, her fair little face still had some childish features in them. Her mouth was full of blood and had dyed her entire chest a garish scarlet, her once bright and sparkly eyes had completely lost their lustre as a pair of lifeless eyes stared back at him instead….

Under the twilight, seeing this young girl falling into a pool of blood almost shattered the mind of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord.

This was the youngest disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace. She was only fifteen years old and this was supposed to be enjoying her youth. However, all that was lost when she had fallen so silently into a pool of blood, her eyes were filled with incredulity…

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord could still remember while they were on their way to Mount Fu Yao, she was full of energy. Be it their boat ride or hurrying along the road, this child always had a big smile plastered on her face, filed with anticipation.

She said that she would like to be like their benefactor in the future…

She said that she liked to go out with her sisters the most…

She said that the person whom she had admired the most was the Lord…

That soft and gentle voice seemed to have rang in his ears at that moment, that vivid figure in his memory was now lying in a pool of warm blood.

The figure of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord stood stunned in place. He wanted to reach out to close the eyes of the child but he couldn't even do that. They black robed man who had followed him had raised his blade once again!

Under the oppression of the Upper Realm, he could not even….protect a child…

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord had never felt such powerless before. Never before had he felt such anguish… His mind completely crumbled as he suddenly let out a loud roar of despair as he rushed towards that black robed man with a glint of madness.

In the desolate wilderness, cries of anguish and despair resounded all around. The thick stench of blood made the wild beasts in the vicinity all retreat warily, the ubiquitous massacre, the ubiquitous deaths had shattered the tranquility and turned it into a blood stained malevolent battlefield.

Yan Bu Gui protected Su Ya with everything he had, but his strength was not as good as Su Ya, not to mention going against all those Gold Spirits. Even though he wanted to fight, he did not even have the necessary strength. He really loathed this moment now! He hated his own incompetence!

He could not even protect his beloved woman with his own hands, all he could do was to keep her in his embrace protectively while he used his own body as a shield. Countless attacks landed on his back and yet he had no qualms in using his own body to protect her, even if his entire back had already been beaten to a sorry state that all that was visible was a mangy mess of blood, flesh and bones…

"Don't care about me…." Su Ya choked out as she was being pressed against Yan Bu Gui's chest protectively. She kept repeating the same words over and over in a suppressed choke, held within his tight embrace. At this moment, she knew their exact predicament - they were doomed! She could no longer escape, but Yan Bu Gui still had a chance and she did not want to become his burden!
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