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Ren Huang knew that his words at this time would bring about tremendous pressure to Jun Wu Xie, but these were things that she would need to face sooner or later. There was no harm in telling her all these in advance.

Jun Wu Xie who was listening to all his words quietly had only one thought in her mind: She would soon face an enemy like never before, one of unfathomable strength. However strong her opponent is, she would never back down!

"However, if it is possible, I would suggest that you try to recover this guy is strength first. This way, that person with the double Spirit Ring would have a worthy opponent and you would also be able to get rid of some obstacles." Ren Huang gestured with his chin and pointed towards Jun Wu Yao, he dared to ask Jun Wu Xie to do this because he knew that standing behind her was the powerful Jun Wu Yao, as long as he recovered, there would no longer be a problem.

Jun Wu Yao slightly arched his brows, with regards to the recognition of his strength in the words of Ren Huang, he was rather satisfied.

Jun Wu Xie was slightly lost in her own thoughts as she stared into space. She had asked Jun Wu Yao once before, what did he need to recover. However, at that time, he only shook his head and said, "It is very complicated, you don't have to worry about it, I will settle it myself." After that, he did not say anything else.

"You don't have to be too nervous, now that the otherworldly soul is by your side and the soul bone had been taken away by me. Even if the Upper Realm want to continue the Blood Sacrifice of the Three Realms, they have not met all the necessary conditions. It should not be a problem to drag this on for a few years, now you are only a small evildoer, who knows by then, you would have grown into a big evildoer. What top ten experts, what double Spirit Ring, by then all of these won't pose a problem to you." Maybe Ren Huang was afraid that Jun Wu Xie would be too nervous after listening to all this so he tried to play it down by laughing it off and speaking of it in a casual manner.

No one knew that is random appeasement had became a prophecy.

After many years, when Jun Wu Xie thought of this remark, it had already became a fact.

"Oh right, you've sent someone to inform Tian Ze that stinky boy, if we were to leave now, would he be able to find us?" Ren Huang suddenly remembered his other disciple, although he called him stinky boy, but it was clear concern and worry in that tone of his that no one could ignore.

"Grandmaster, rest assured. I've already let Tian Ze and Xue'er head over to the Lower Realm first." Jun Wu Xie had no intention to let Tian Ze meet up on their journey as they had to hurry and their journey was not fixed, it was better to set up a place to meet ahead and travel together after.

Ren Huang nodded his head with relief. He did not need to worry so much now.

The group continued to advance, with the Spirit Jade Palace disciples supporting one another, no one was left behind.

From the early morning to dusk, through the forest, across the hills, crossing the streams, even though their shoes and socks were wet, they did not stop. Even if they were eating or drinking, they were also walking. They had already rested for many days, in order to leave this dangerous place as soon as possible, they had to keep on moving forward.

The beautiful orange glow of the sunset soon began to slide down beneath the earth as they slowly descended the mountainside. In order to hide their tracks, they had deliberately traversed the remote path and had not met anyone else along the way.

After walking for an entire day, everyone was tired. Just as the Spirit Jade Palace Lord suggested to take a rest and Jun Wu Xie was about to nod her head, Jun Wu Yao who was standing by her side suddenly sharpened his gaze!

In just a blink of an eye, Ren Huang who was originally sitting on a rock nearby suddenly turned pale. He stood up immediately as he turned into a streak of light and appeared right by Jun Wu Yao's side.

"Pursuers?" Ren Huang's expression had turned into a frightening shade of white.

Jun Wu Yao narrowed his eyes as his gaze stared intently at the mountain roads which they had just traversed. A cold glint flashed by his eyes.
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