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"Yes!" The black robed man said astutely.

"Summon Luo Qingcheng over." That man ordered.

"Yes, my Lord." The black robed man immediately retreated.

A short while later, the door was opened once again and a beautiful lady walked in. Although she wore a simple purple dress, however she had on a noble and elegant temperament, her pair of cold enchanting eyes made people not dare to approach her. Not a hint of smile could be seen on her face.

"You were looking for me?" Luo Qingcheng said as she furrowed her brows due to the revolting stench in the room.

"What you've been looking for, I've already found it for you." That hoarse voice sounded out once again.

A glint of excitement flashed by her eyes. She suppressed the fluctuations in her heart she narrowed her eyes and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, it's just that... I've found the person that you've been looking for. So what are you going to thank me with?" There was a hint of smile in the voice.

"What do you want?" Luo Qingcheng asked coldly.

"I want a person."


"A young girl who is by that person's side. That person is whom you've been looking for, naturally he belongs to you. However, I want the person by his side."

Luo Qingcheng frowned.

"You are free to strike, if she obstructs you, you can kill her. As long as you bring her body back, I only want her."

"Alright, I promise you." She replied.

"I will let someone draw a portrait of her for you, I hope that our cooperation will be successful this time round." That person chortled.

The cold and sinister laughter echoed in the dimly lit room, Luo Qingcheng glanced at the layers of veil before walking out without saying a word.

A man whose face was disfigured on one side waited by the door and when he saw her appear, he immediately greeted her: "Mistress."

"Have you heard it all?" Luo Qingcheng asked without looking at him.


"Make the necessary preparations and head out together with the dark guards." She ordered.

"Your subordinate obeys!"

She immediately left and the moment she stepped into her room, she closed the door and stood in front of the windows. Looking out, she stared at the beautiful sunset. Her eyes were slightly lowered as her gaze turned complicated.

She remained silent and stood there with no expression on her face. After a long time, the door was opened and the man walked in respectfully with a scroll in his hand.


Luo Qingcheng raised her hand, took the scroll and she slowly unfurled it. A peerless countenance was slowly revealed.

The girl drawn in the scroll had a beautiful and impeccable face, however her cold demeanour could be felt, showing that the painter who drew this was extremely skilful. To be able to portray the portrait to be so lifelike and that pair of eyes that stared back was cold. Although this was only a drawing, that unspeakable feeling of breathlessness just looking at this face was startling.

If looked closely, the picture of the girl was somewhat similar to Luo Qingcheng. The same cold demeanour, yet different in their own ways. Luo Qingcheng was dazzling and glamorous, there was an aggressive edge to her.

However the girl in the portrait gave the impression of aloofness, was as if the entire world would not be able to stir up any waves in her eyes at all.

"This is the person he seeks?" Luo Qingcheng slightly raised her brows.


"Alright then." Luo Qingcheng threw the picture into the burning brazier. The hot flame quickly engulfed the picture as the girl slowly disappeared bit by bit as the flame devoured it.
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