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The elders of the Nine Temples had witnessed the entire battle from the beginning to the end. This battle had been fought beautifully by Jun Wu Xie and it had also served as a warning to the Nine Temples; if they continued to aid the Upper Realm, they could expect the same results from Jun Wu Xie.

Seeing Ba He's face contort and writhing in pain agony while he was devoured by the flame, until all that was left was a charred body. The smell of burnt flesh was carried in the wind and when the elders from the Nine Temples smelled it, they almost vomited.

Poison Ivy examined each and every dead body from the Upper Realm by using his poison vines to penetrate the heart of each to ensure that they were truly dead.

The little old man caught his breath as he looked around. He was gratified yet shocked inwardly, even he had never thought that he could leave this place alive today after saving Su Ya. He was prepared to die and it was said that he was the one who had suffered the brunt of the attacks. Although he was very powerful, however he was still riddled with wounds and it wasn't easy for him to stand up. In his hurry to get up, he tripped and almost fell. Fortunately, a few men at the side were prepared and they quickly reached out to support him.

"Headmaster." The few men looked at the condition of the little old man and realised that they were all in a similar condition as him, with wounds riddled all over.

"You guys…" The little old man could not help but laugh. These faces were so familiar. They were all teachers who had taught at the Cloudy Brook Academy before. It was just that when the Academy had started its troubles and after he closed it, he had given these teachers a huge sum of money to dismiss them.

"Headmaster, why didn't you tell us earlier?" The few men asked with tears.

They were originally orphans, when they had lost their families, they were already in their teens. They had passed the age for adoption but they still had not grasped the ability to be fully independent. They had been destitute and almost died in such a world and it was the little old man who had brought them back to the Cloudy Brook Academy to let them have a new lease of life where they could grow up safely and peacefully. He taught them how to cultivate and although he did not accept them as his own personal disciples, they had long saw him as their own Master, father…

Once they heard that Su Ya was in trouble, they had immediately put everything down and rushed over.

Fortunately… They had arrived in time…

At the beginning, there were hundreds of teachers that had been dismissed by the Cloudy Brook Academy. And today, these hundreds of people had arrived with not a single person missing. However, the ones that had survived this ordeal were only one in ten.

However, not a single one of them regretted. Repaying gratitude was something that could not be forgotten, if they had not come here today, they would regret it for life.

Although the little old man was laughing, tears were threatening to fall. He patted them on their shoulders and said to them with red rimmed eyes, "Bring me see that little brat."

The few of them immediately understood that the 'little brat' that he referred to was Jun Wu Xie and supported him as they slowly walked over.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the charred body of Ba He for a long time.

"Little brat." An elderly voice came from behind her and she immediately turned around and saw the little old man walking towards her with the help of several others.

Without saying anything further, she immediately knelt down on one knee and paid her respects.

"This disciple greets Grandmaster."

"Ha ha, you little brat. Skip the formalities, get up quickly." The little old man chortled, he was originally very pleased with Jun Wu Xie and when he saw that she did not hesitate to save Su Ya today, he was further convinced that the decision to force this grand disciple of his onto his own disciple back then was not a wrong choice.

Hearing his words, Jun Wu Xie immediately stood up.
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