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"Meh…." Lord Meh Meh was exhausted, it was also weakened from excessive blood loss and the long and arduous battle had drained it mentally as well. Once it knew that the battle was over, it could no longer maintain its huge form and the next moment, it had transformed back into the small and fumbly little sheep. Drunk Lotus immediately reached out and brought it into his arms, not at all bothered by the blood that had stained his clothes.

Carefully, he used his sleeves to wipe off the blood from Lord Meh Meh's mouth and staunched the blood from the wounds all over its body with medicated powder.

The people that the Spirit Jade Palace Lord had brought along had also retreated to one side, they had suffered heavy casualties and were treating their wounds.

The Nine Temple disciples looked at them with heated eyes as their gazes darted over to their elders carefully. The elders from the Nine Temples let out a sigh before they nodded their head in silence. The moment the disciples saw this, they immediately flew over without hesitation.

When the Spirit Jade Palace disciples saw the Nine Temples disciples move, they stood up with vigilance without a care on their own injuries.

"Don't be afraid…I don't have any bad intentions, I just want to help you treat your wounds." One disciple from the Nine Temples immediately softened his voice as he said slowly and cautiously in a gentle tone when he saw that the Spirit Jade Palace disciple had looked at him with a pair of frightened eyes.

If not for witnessing it with their own eyes, never would they have thought that this group of girls had such astounding strength and tenacity? On the battlefield, in no way did they lose to the men and their unwavering gazes was incredibly enchanting.

When the disciple from the Spirit Jade Palace heard his words, she also saw the Spirit Jade Palace Lord nod his head slightly to them. Only then did she relax and let down her guard. For them who had not interacted much with outsiders, after she had let down her vigilance, her face was slightly flushed as she nodded back at that Nine Temples disciple shyly. Using that pair of bright and sparkly eyes to look at him with slight expectations, just one look and that disciple from the Nine Temples heart was stunned momentarily.

Just a moment ago, this young lady was still fighting valiantly but she had suddenly revealed such a soft and charming expression. A sudden emotion sprouted in his heart, he didn't know why his face had turned a suspicious shade of pink when he flusteredly lowered his head and gently tended to her wounds.

Such a similar scene was blossoming all around the square. The disciples of the Spirit Jade Palace were all spirited young ladies, each of them were outstanding in their own ways. Once they had discarded their protective shell and retreated from the battlefield, they revealed their gentle demeanor and very soon, beside each disciple from the Spirit Jade Palace, were a few disciples from the Nine Temples.

And those forces from the Cloudy Brook Academy that had came along with the Spirit Jade Palace had a few people surrounding them as well. Naturally they were those who were from Cloudy Brook Academy before.

The stifled and oppressive atmosphere that filled the square was no longer. Instead, a harmonious atmosphere took over and those that from the Upper Realm had already breathed their last and at the moment of their death, their faces had turned black and their lips purple. It was obvious that that poison was extremely deadly.

Ba He had suffered under the hands of Jun Wu Xie for half an hour but to him, it felt as if he had suffered for thirty agonizing years instead. Time had crawled by so slowly for him and to him, every minute and every second that had ticked by was a moment of excruciating pain. To him, death was no longer a fear but a great release for him. But alas, Jun Wu Xie had no intention of letting him off so easily. Instead, she poured oil over him and finally lit him up. This had shoved Ba He right into the deepest depth of hell and it was the most agonizing pain he had ever experienced.

These were all that Ba He had prepared for Su Ya and all that Jun Wu Xie did was to return the favor and repay this blood debt.
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