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Jun Wu Xie made Ba He take that pill to ensure that he would be able to keep his life. However, other than life preservation, this medicine had a very deadly side effect!

It would increase the pain felt by the human body by a hundred times, even if it was only a gentle touch, it would make one feel as if he was cut by a knife.

He had only just taken it and the original pain that he felt was like a savage beast that was let out of the gates as it rushed to overtake all his consciousness. He felt as though he was being crushed by countless stones and the pain that was amplified made his face alternate from white to purple as his entire body started convulsing.

Jun Wu Xie released her hand she looked contemptuously at Ba He who had fallen to the ground. She swept her gaze to his fingers, lifted her leg and stomped hard on them!

A piercing scream echoed in everyone's ears. Each finger was crushed, the bones, flesh and blood melded together like a meat sauce. The excruciating pain that he felt almost detached him from his consciousness. However, with the miraculous medicine of Jun Wu Xie, he did not even have the strength to faint. His mind was still lucid and every bit of pain that the body felt was extremely distinct.

Ten fingers had been crushed, ten toes were broken and the pain was unbearable. With the efficiency of the medicine, the pain was not anything that an ordinary person could endure.

Jun Wu Xie used her light sword and sliced it across his body. Each laceration was deep enough that the bones were visible, yet she had avoided the vital points. With the efficiency of the medicine, the torturous pain was amplified a hundred times but it did not render death.

As the people from the Nine Temples watched this bloody and gory scene unfold before them with their hair standing on their ends. An unanimous thought soared in their hearts.

Although the Upper Realm was powerful, however the means of Jun Wu Xie that was presented before them was simply something that the Upper Realm could not compare to. She truly knew how to let a person's body experience the ultimate pain and it was not something that could be ended through suicide.

At the same time, everyone from the Nine Temples silently warned themselves that they should never ever provoke this person! Or else even if they wanted to die, they could not!

Ba He's screams continued on and in the end, it was so pain that he could not even utter out a single sound. He could only fall to the ground like a dead dog, convulsing in a pathetic manner.

On the battlefield, the poison of Jun Wu Xie had already started to show its efficiency. The people from the Upper Realm had completely lost the ability to fight as they fell to the ground and kept vomiting blood out. Those who fought against them were the people from the Spirit Jade Palace as well as the Cloudy Brook Academy. They watched with bated breath as they saw their enemies falling before them without any strength left to climb back up.

Throughout the square, there was a strange silence and a strong stench of blood. It reeked of blood so much that it made one feel like vomitting.

Seeing that the battle had ended, Drunk Lotus, Poppy and Poison Ivy did not immediately rush back to Jun Wu Xie's side. Instead, they started to treat those heavily injured around them with the medicine that Jun Wu Xie had prepared earlier.

Drunk Lotus walked to Lord Meh Meh's side, seeing that it had been dyed red in blood yet it was looking back at him with hopeful eyes, the rim of his eyes turned red.

"You are really hopelessly stupid. You've been by Mistress' side for so many years yet you still haven't made any progress. If you are still going to continue being so useless, I won't bring you along in the future." Drunk Lotus gritted his teeth as he forced back the tears that were threatening to fall as he took out a handful of lotus seeds and stuffed them into Lord Meh Meh's mouth.

The black beast walked over to Lord Meh Meh's side and gently licked its nose. Before the battle started, Jun Wu Xie had given them each a life-saving elixir, as long as their visceras or brains were not damaged, it wasn't life-threatening.

This battle, they had won it through desperation.
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