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With his four limbs broken, Ba He fell to the ground like a heap of mud. The Spirit Jade Palace Lord then lifted his foot and kicked Ba He to the front of Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the crumbled heap that had rolled up in front of her. Just not too long ago, he was still overbearing and arrogant. Looking at Ba He now, there was only two words to describe it. Extremely satisfied!

"You bastard… You all will not meet a good end… Die tragically…" Ba He had fallen to the ground and his entire body was twitching. Although Ba He's mouth was gurgling with blood, he did not forget to curse Jun Wu Xie and he kept on muttering curses out incessantly.

Jun Wu Xie slowly raised the corner of her lips as she squatted down and grabbed him by his hair.

"Die tragically? In the end, who will be the one who would die tragically?"

Ba He glared at her maliciously and spat out, "Hah! Did you really think that with just this poison, you would be able to destroy us all? Continue on your pipe dream! As long as one person escapes, it would not take long for the wrath of the Upper Realm to destroy all of you! It would mark the end of the Middle Realm and you will all die tragically. The Nine Temples will be thoroughly slaughtered and everything is the result of what you did… You will have to pay a terrible price… Ahhhhhhhh!"

Before he could complete his words, Jun Wu Xie brandished the light sword in her hand and with her slash directed at his mouth, a bloody chunk of his tongue fell to the ground. Blood gushed out immediately and Ba He was in so much pain that he was writhing about as his face contorted in pain.

"A pipe dream? I should really let you see all of this." Jun Wu Xie yanked him up with his hair and forced him to raise his head to look at the battlefield.

At this moment, under the effects of the poison, all the Upper Realm Gold Spirits that had fallen to the Silver Spirit were spitting out mouthfuls of fresh blood. Even though they were shrouded with a silver light, however they were extremely weak. Even their steps were not steady and after every move they made, huge mouthfuls of blood followed.

This was not so simple. It didn't seem as if they were just losing spirit energy!

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. The poison that I had specially prepared for you does not only consume your spirit power but also your life." The eyes of Jun Wu Xie were filled with a thick murderous aura. Ordinary poisons were ineffective against the Gold Spirits, however if they had lost the strength of the Gold Spirit, then the poison that was lurking in them would start eating them from within.

First step was to clip off their wings and then push them into the depths of hell. Jun Wu Xie had planned everything out intricately, step-by-step. Even if the Spirit Jade Palace Lord and his forces did not appear, as long as they could drag on for ten minutes, even without anyone doing anything, these people would all die here!

As they lost their spirit energy, the resistance to poison was getting lower and lower and all the poison that was in their bodies would kill them off bit by bit.

Ba He glared hatefully at Jun Wu Xie, never would he have thought that this seemingly ordinary youth would actually have such a terrifying method. No wonder… No wonder she dared to say that… all those here in the Cloudy Book Academy from the Upper Realm, not a single one could leave alive. It turned out that she had already made such arduous preparations, what extreme measures!

It was not only Ba He who was shocked, even Su Jing Yan was startled by her extreme measures and the other Nine Temple elders were secretly stunned. Thankfully Su Jing Yan had made such a decisive decision at that time. Or else, once the people from the Upper Realm had been wiped out, Jun Wu Xie would definitely not let the Nine Temples off.

"Now then, it is time for payback." Jun Wu Xie looked at Ba He as a strong killing intent flashed by her eyes. She picked up a medicine bottle and forced Ba He to eat a pill. This wretched life of Ba He would not end so easily, even if she died, she would not let him die!
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