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Jun Wu Xie's words sent tremors deep into the depths of everyone's heart!

Today she had hardened her heart and would not let a single person from the Upper Realm off.
Su Jing Yan burst into a smile and in that smile, there was a sense of ease. The tight string had finally relaxed after receiving the promise of Jun Wu Xie.

"So with regards to today's matter, the Nine Temples will not intervene at any point." Su Jing Yan revealed his stand.

After the other elders heard the dialogue between Jun Wu Xie and Su Jing Yan, they also understood that the crux of the situation. They were not insidious people otherwise they wouldn't have hesitated until now. What they were worried about was the revenge of the Upper Realm and with Jun Wu Xie's method, it would bring about an end to this impending danger. As long as Ba He and the rest were dead, even if the Upper Realm doubted them, they had no evidence. If they weren't able to capture the little old man, they would naturally not give up on the Nine Temples for the time being and would not kill them yet.

All the elders of the Nine Temples took a step back to show their attitude. The disciples of the Nine Temples were ecstatic and were extremely supportive.

A complete rebellion!

Ba He finally understood the cruelty of this word 'rebellion'. He was heaving in anger as he looked coldly at everyone from the Nine Temples. The anger in his heart almost burned out his last thread of reason.

"White eyed wolves! You are a group of white eyed wolves! The Upper Realm will not let you group of beasts go! Just wait for your deaths! You're a bunch of shameless dogs! Wastes! Damn it!" Ba He hollered out in rage but he no longer received any response other than sharp gazes that were filled with hatred.

"Ba He, you've already exhausted all your abilities. You don't have to struggle needlessly anymore, ultimately death would be your end today." Jun Wu Xie said in a low voice as a flash of murderous intent flashed by her eyes. She looked towards the Spirit Jade Palace Lord and said, "Killing him directly would be letting him of easy. First, break his hands and legs, then hand him over to me."

Every single wound on Su Ya would be accounted for, she would return them to Ba He one by one!

"As you wish." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord replied with a smile and in a flash, he directly rushed towards Ba He.

Ba He was terrified.

"Bastard! Things will not go the way you want! Even if we've fallen to Silver Spirits, with just the lot of you, there is no way you can eradicate all of us!" Ba He screamed out shrilly and was intercepted by the Spirit Jade Palace Lord. Before his figure even landed, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord had already followed closely behind and started bashing him up like a dog.

Jun Wu Xie looked coldly at Ba He's pathetic figure and there was not a shred of pity in her eyes.
There was no way to eradicate all of them?

In the end, who was the naïve one?

Ba He who had fallen to the Silver Spirit was not the opponent of the Spirit Jade Palace Lord at all. He did not even have any power to fight back. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that he would have such a wretched day. He was actually reduced to such a state by the Middle Realm whom he had held so much disdain for.

However, in the blink of an eye, the violent flurry of attacks by the Spirit Jade Palace Lord continued on relentlessly. At the moment when Ba He slammed onto the wall, the Spirit Jade Palace Lord stepped on his chest, grabbed one of his arms and gave it a fierce twist!

A cracking sound echoed along with the screams of Ba He in the entire square.

"First, the right hand."

"Bastard! You will all die tragically!!"

"Next, the left hand."

"Scoundrel! Scoundrel!"

"Next will be the right leg."


"Last but not least, the left foot." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said in a low voice indifferently. Every sentence was accompanied by the pitiful screams of Ba He. In the blink of an eye, Ba He's limbs had all been broken!
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