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Su Jing Yan was well aware that his own powers were inferior to that of the man behind him and naturally he did not dare to make any move carelessly.

That man then brought him to come to a loft building nearby.

That building was originally used as lodgings for the Cloudy Brook Academy's disciples and it now looked a little run down. Because this loft building was in a highly remote location in the academy and it was a rather old building, there wasn't any of the Nine Temples' people staying in there.

Su Jing Yan was taken prisoner and taken into a room. He had just stepped through the room's door when he immediately saw a slender figure standing right in front of the window. Moonlight spilled in through the window and the person stood bathed under the silvery light, his body seemingly surrounded by a halo of the moon's rays.

It was only when that person turned around that Su Jing Yan was stunned, his feet rooted to the spot!

Isn't the person standing at the window the very same Heavenly Wolf Temple disciple he had stopped just earlier! ?

But there wasn't that panicked fear in those clear eyes but were now tinged with a certain cold calm.

"Who are you really?" Su Jing Yan asked as he narrowed his eyes. That face was so foreign to him and he was certain that he had never seen that face before.

The youth standing at the window then walked slowly over to a chair at the side to sit down as that pair of great looking legs crossed casually, chin propped up in a palm as the eyes looked at Su Jing Yan with an imperceptible smile.

"It's been quite awhile and Elder Su is rather forgetful." The youth's voice was a little cold and distant, and compared to the tone earlier, it was a little more high pitched now.

"I have never seen you before. What do you really want by having me captured and brought here?" Su Jing Yan was a little perplexed. Knowing that he had clearly felt that there was something strange with this youth, why had he still fallen for the deception?

"No hurry. Have a seat first while we talk." The youth said slowly.

But Su Jing Yan did not move a muscle and just stood in place.

The youth's cold eyes then swept over the man behind Su Jing Yan and said: "Ye Mei, invite Elder Su to take a seat."

Su Jing Yan suddenly felt an excruciating pain on his shoulder and that tyrannical strength was not one that he could fight against. He was suddenly being properly held down in a chair and although he was seated in a chair, the colour on his face was rather wretched, his wary gaze fixed upon the youth. [The youth clearly knew who he is. Why does he not recognize the youth?]

"It might be because of the way I look that is causing Elder Su to not remember me. Wait a moment." The youth then shrugged and then raised a hand to reach behind his ear. A gossamer thin mask then fell off the youth's face and replaced in its place was a stunningly mesmerizing countenance that could bring down cities!

In an instant, Su Jing Yan was bedazzled as he stared. Under the moonlight, the youth had turned into a stunning young lady, the highly mesmerizing looks so beautiful like he had never seen before.

But the young lady did not pause in her actions as her hands then pulled out another mask out of her Cosmic Sack which she casually wore on her face. This look, was significantly prettier than that inconspicuous countenance he had seen before, but compared to her original looks, it could only be said to be normal and ordinary.

But upon laying eyes on that face, Su Jing Yan's eyes immediately grew wide, filling up with shock and surprise!

"Jun Xie! It's you!" Su Jing Yan would not have thought even in his dreams that the person holding him captive would actually be "Jun Xie!" ! The youth from the Spirit Mastery Tribe who had stood out from all others in the Battle of the Deities Grand Meet!

[How could it possibly be him? !]

"How is this? Elder Su, do you recognize me now?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she crossed her hands calmly over her abdomen, looking expressionlessly at Su Jing Yan's stunned expression.

"You….. You're here to save Su Ya?" After Su Jing Yan realized who Jun Wu Xie was, his mind immediately came to this conclusion.
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