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The fresh drop of blood went into his mouth, and the person lying on the bed did not move at all. Jun Wu Xie watched the man intently, not taking a single step away. As the man's injuries had been too severe, to the extent that she was unable to find any signs of familiarity from his features, as his face had been disfigured so completely that no one would be able to recognise him and Jun Wu Xie had through the process of saving him discovered that not only had there been countless wounds on the surface, even his throat had been badly hurt, where it must have felt like it had been burnt by fire, contorting his voice.

Suddenly, the eyelids of the man lying upon the bed moved. Although it was slight, but it made Jun Wu Xie stand up from her chair, her gaze not moving away from him the slightest inch.

The wounds on the man's body had already been properly tended to under Jun Wu Xie's hands but his injuries had really been so severe with wounds so deep you could literally see the bone. More than half of his face had rotted and after the rotten flesh was scraped away, there was only a thin layer of flesh on his face, which had been wrapped up with in layers of bandages by Ju Wu Xie.

'Arrrgh! !" A mournful wail escaped from the mouth of the man. He suddenly opened his eyes, which were so terrifyingly bloodshot they looked as if they had been scooped out from blood!

The man sat up from the bed with a swoosh, his horror filled eyes staring fearfully at people in the room. At the moment that his gaze fell upon Jun Wu Xie, his body started to tremble uncontrollably. He pulled on Jun Wu Xie's sleeve, his eyes wide and his gaze fixed upon her.

"Save Su Ya! Save Su Ya! ! !" That hoarse and raspy voice caused goosebumps to rise when they heard it, the utter despair and begging plea in it enough to make people tear.

Jun Wu Xie held the man up by his arms. His injuries were too severe and his body would not be able to hold up under such emotional trauma. Jun Wu Xie was guessing that the fact that man had awakened so soon must have something to do with that drop of blood from Jun Wu Yao.

"What really happened? Tell me slowly." Jun Wu Xie suppressed the anxiety she felt in her heart, maintaining her calm.

That man's body shook slightly and the despair in his eyes turned into endless agony. He lowered his head and stared at his hands, his long slender fingers now wrapped in bandages. Intense pain was being felt under those bandages where he seemed to have returned back into that nightmare, unable to help himself as a shiver ran through his body.

"Who are you? What happened to my Master?" When Jun Wu Xie saw that the man was lost in a daze, she could not help open her mouth to ask.

That man looked at the wretched state he was in and he suddenly let out a mournful howl. He buried his face into hands uncontrollably, his choked sobs spilling out through his fingers.

"I am Tian Ze….. The Cloudy Brook Academy's Tian Ze….." An almost inaudible voice escaped out from the man's mouth.

Jun Wu Xie stared in disbelief, her eyes wide as she looked at the man who currently did not look like either man or ghost.

Tian Ze…..

It could still be remembered back when she had just been admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy, he had been a tall and dominating figure, full of mettle and spirited….. How did he come to be reduced to such a state?

Jun Wu Xie could still remember that Tian Ze would occasionally make his way over to Su Ya's little loft, and the stone faced Tian Ze in the academy would not be able to summon up the same unbending demeanor in that place, often tormented by Su Ya till he wanted to cry but no tears came out. That was when Jun Wu Xie came to know that Tian Ze and Su Ya were fellow disciples.

Tian Ze's powers were not weak, just slightly inferior to Su Ya's by a bit, but had still held the powers of a Silver Spirit. One would then ask, in the Middle Realm, a Silver Spirit was almost able to make all look up to him with awe, and besides the Nine Temple Lords of the Nine Temples, who would be able to wound him?
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