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Jun Wu Xie wanted to open her mouth one more time but the surrounding spiritual aura suddenly grew more oppressive by another fold!

The oppression poured in from the front and it was like she had fallen ten thousand metres into the sea, her entire body feeling as if it was being crushed by extremely high water pressure and she was about to explode into pieces.

Qiao Chu and the other companions were in the same situation as Jun Wu Xie, the colour of their faces turning from white to green.

As someone who had created the entire Spirit World with only his own power of the spirit, the kind of power the Spirit Lord possessed was one that went far beyond what the companions could compete with!

The Beast Spirits surrounding them were in great agony under the oppressive aura being released. They raised their eyes up discreetly to look at Jun Wu Xie and the companions and saw that the Spirit Lord was treating Jun Wu Xie and the others as enemies. The highly loyal Beast Spirits just could not understand what was happening.

Jun Wu Xie and her companions had saved the Spiritual Bear and the Beast Spirits were indebted to them. The Beast Spirits had even found themselves liking these few simple and sincere human spirits. But the Spirit Lord was an existence that the Beast Spirits were unable to defy and the conflicting feelings caused all the Beast Spirits to be very much at a loss. They wanted to open their mouths to speak up, to beg the Spirit Lord to hold his hand, and spare Jun Wu Xie and the companions, but trapped under the intense oppressive aura, not to mention being able to open their mouths, they were all unable to even stand up at all.

[Everything….. has become so strange…..]

The Spirit Lord continued to pile on the oppressive aura upon Jun Wu Xie and the gang, to see them start to be unable to resist and waver and sway in their spots. There was no emotion in his eyes but for that high haughty arrogance, that seemed to see Jun Wu Xie and the companions as creatures as insignificant as mere ants.

Jun Wu Xie almost bit through her teeth to keep herself standing. The malice behind the ferociously intense aura being released could not be any clearer to her.

The Spirit Lord held great enmity against them!

The oppressive aura then suddenly intensified by ten folds!

The sudden and unexpected oppression that struck caused the spirits of Jun Wu Xie and her companions to fall into a dead silence. The youths did not even have the chance of even noticing anything before they descended into unseeing darkness, completely losing their consciousness!

Jun Wu Xie and the others suddenly fell, and the corners of the Spirit Lord's mouth curled up with a satisfied arc of a smirk before he then retracted all the spirit aura he was releasing completely. The human spirits who had rushed their way here now stood behind the Spirit Lord, and among them was the Second Disciple who had been driven off by the Beast Spirits.

The Second Disciple looked on in delight at the fallen figures of Jun Wu Xie and the companions, and seeing the unconscious state they were in, his face broke out with a wide smile in glee.

"The Spirit Lord is indeed brilliant. How could trash like these hope to stand against the Spirit Lord. For them to be able to set their eyes upon the Spirit Lord himself is already their greatest fortune." The Second Disciple just could not wait to fawn and grovel.

The Spirit Lord merely swept his gaze nonchalantly over him and then raised a hand to point at Jun Wu Xie and her companions to say: "Bring them back."

"Yes, Spirit Lord!" The Second Disciple almost could not wait to lead his men forward as they went walking towards Jun Wu Xie. The humiliation he had suffered before had caused him to hate Jun Wu Xie right to the bone and seeing Jun Wu Xie and her gang now unable to stand against the might of the Spirit Lord where they had fallen into unconsciousness, the expression on his face grew more gleeful.

The Spirit Lord's spiritual aura had mainly been directed upon Jun Wu Xie and her companions earlier and although Poison Ivy at their side had been in intense agony, he was still able to maintain consciousness. When he saw the Second Disciple suddenly coming forward and seeking to capture Jun Wu Xie, Poison Ivy bolstered up his courage and stood up, to place himself in front of Jun Wu Xie.

"Spirit Lord, what are you trying to do here?" Poison Ivy asked the Spirit Lord incredulously.

[The Spirit Lord would never employ such a forceful and high handed move on any spirit in the past. What has happened to him? !]
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