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The term talented and bold, described Jun Wu Xie perfectly. Fooled several thousand human spirits, duped a whole bunch of Weapon Spirits, and even flamboyantly paraded off with Wu Jiu as a victory trophy through the sky.

All the worries Qiao Chu had earlier now faded into nothing as he watched the Second Disciple running like a dog on the ground, laughing just so evilly and he was in such a good mood.

[Are you stupid?]

[Negotiating terms with Jun Wu Xie?]

[You'll be squeezed so dry you'll be more wrinkled than a raisin!]

From below, a constant stream of taunts shouting: "Stay right there! Remain here if you have the guts!" , and all kinds of other curses. But Jun Wu Xie did not pay any heed to a single word of them.

The eyes of the Beast Spirits were wide and bulging, looking at the great big emptiness below their paws, all of them feeling rather amazed.

The sense of gaining a renewed lease of life right after a calamity and the astounding way they had retreated from the place made all the Beast Spirits suiddenly forget the pain on their bodies. Their were some among the Beast Spirits that could fly, like some species of bird types and Dragon type like Flame Dragon. But for most of the other Beast Spirits, even if they wanted to, they did not possess the kind of capability.

Never would they have imagined that Jun Wu Xie would actually bring them on this "flight"!

Several of the more dorky Beast Spirits were even pretending they could fly, their paws flinging around up in the air, imagining they really were flying…..

In contrast to the Beast Spirits' delight, the human spirits and the Weapons Spirits were about to lose their minds! !

At least there were some species and types among the Beast Spirits that were born with the ability to fly, but what about them? Not a single one among all of them could do it!

If they wanted to pursue Jun Wu Xie and the enemy, the only choice was only to run after them with their own two feet!

It was even sadder for the Weapon Spirits, as they did not even have legs!

They could only huff and puff with their steel bodies as they hopped, where they were soon left lagging a great distance behind.

For spirits that did not know what was going on here, witnessing that scene would surely have them laughing to their deaths.

Flying was naturally faster than running, and seeing that Jun Wu Xie and the enemy were almost reaching the Beast Spirits' territories, the Second Disciple's heart burned with anxiety, hating that fact that his legs was not able to catch up with that pair of wings.

The place that the Beast Spirits resided had many Beast Spirits roaming everywhere. They suddenly felt a little strange and one of the Beast Spirit raised its head to look up. That one glance into the sky immediately startled it so badly it fell back with its four paws flailing in the air in astonishment!

[What in blazes!]

[What did it just see! ?]

Up in the sky, a whole wave of Beast Spirits were soaring through the air with their paws flailing awkwardly, in a dense pack…. like the Heavens was going to rain Beast Spirits.

More and more Beast Spirits came to notice that. They all turned to stone collectively, their eyes bulging and mouths agape as they stared at their fellow Beast Spirits gliding through the air in glee.

Seeing that they were already in Beast Spirit territory, Jun Wu Xie then flew downwards, bringing with her the bunch of Beast Spirits who had enjoyed the joy of flight to the ground. There was no need to deny that the strong disappointment that filled their eyes then was because they had landed on the ground…..

Jun Wu Xie then released the vines twirled around the Beast Spirits, and Poison Ivy followed suit.

Flame Dragon came down to the ground as well, and immediately let Brownie continue to hold Nalan Shan for him to recover with the Spirit Reinforcement runes.

A bunch of Beast Spirits gradually gathered into a crowd around them, to look at their companions who had just flown in, their faces incredulous.

[Didn't the bunch of them go to the first Serene Spirit Tower to watch the show playing out there today?]

[Did it come with such privileges?]

[To be "flown" back?]

They were suddenly feeling rather regretful that they had not gone there today!

Towards the Beast Spirits who had just come back, those Beast Spirits who had not gone today were suddenly feeling strong pangs of jealousy and envy!

Flame Dragon then roared, which quelled all the Beast Spirits into silence.

A flurry of hurried footsteps then reached them, which made all the gathered Beast Spirits turn their heads to look. The mass of human spirits led by the Second Disciple had caught up with them.

[What was happening here?]

The Beast Spirits who had not gone there today were puzzled.
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