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Wu Jiu found himself fallen into a predicament which made him flustered and uneasy.

Jun Wu Xie had already fully grasped the characteristics within the Face of Selvan's arsenal of attacks as the two blades of light morphed from the Face of Selvan constantly drained and weakened Wu Jiu's powers. Added to that, the nimble agility of the silver wings allowed her to put some distance away from Wu Jiu perfectly.

Wu Jiu could not even touch Jun Wu Xie in the slightest and every time he wanted to execute a attack, Jun Wu Xie would then use the silver wings to pull away a certain distance, using the light blades in his hands to attack.

Wu Jiu was about to go mad. Although he possessed mighty power of the spirit, but being unable to even touch Jun Wu Xie made it utterly useless to him, but to suffer a beating!

As the seconds passed into minutes, Rong Ruo was growing more anxious. The human spirits and Weapon Spirits did not seem to have any intention of retreating at all, and she had come to know through the Hell Butterfly that the human spirits' reinforcements had already arrived!

"All of you stop it this very instant!" A furious shout coming from the back of the battlefield sounded. Wu Jiu's Second Disciple had led in a large batch of human spirits who rushed in to form a surrounding circle. Looking at the densely packed row upon row of human spirits, the Second Disciple's eyes narrowed slightly, as several thousand human spirits fully encircled the entire battlefield.

The human spirits and Weapon Spirits who were locked in bitter battle immediately heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that the reinforcements had come, their hearts settling down in place.

But contrary to the reactions of the human spirits the Weapon Spirits, when the Beast Spirits saw the army of the human spirits' reinforcements, their emotions suddenly sank right down to the bottom of the valley.

It wasn't that they had not thought to go fetch reinforcements, but their numbers were already less than the combined strength of the human spirits and Weapon Spirits, making it impossible for any of them to secretly leave the battlefield. The outer perimeters were mostly filled with Weapon Spirits and some of the Beast Spirits who had thought to sneak off and summon help under the chaos had their heads chopped off by the Weapon Spirits.

Seeing that that human spirits' reinforcement had arrived, the Beast Spirits had already suffered innumerable losses. There was no need to speak of fighting against the reinforcement forces. Even just holding themselves against the current enemy forces was already highly strenuous.

Suffocating despair shrouded over every one of the Beast Spirits' hearts, feeling highly depressed. They had battled for so long, sacrificed so many of their comrades, could it be….. that they would still not be able to save the Spiritual Bear?

"You guys must have had a jolly good time! Every single one of you Beast Spirits and Plant Spirits who had taken part in the battle today, none of you must even think of running. Have them all captured right now!" Wu Jiu's Second Disciple said viciously as he stared at the Beast Spirits covered in wounds and injuries, his eyes cruel and bloodthirsty.

The human spirit reinforcement forces then gradually tightened their encirclement, to surround the Beast Spirits with the other human spirits and Weapon Spirits with several layers of their men. Things had reached its worst point at that moment.

"Damn it. They came so quickly." Qiao Chu cursed softly. He had quite a number of wounds on his body and the situation was not any much better for Hua Yao and the others. Among the Weapon Spirits who came this time, there wasn't a lack of great fighters. Their primary targets were exactly those Weapon Spirits and those sharp blades had caused them to suffer quite a bit of wound and injuries.

"What do we do?" Qiao Chu asked as he looked at Hua Yao anxiously. Hua Yao narrowed his eyes, his gaze turning towards the Double Headed Bone Snake.

The Double Headed Bone Snake was still rather good shape but had quite a bit of its bones already broken, looking a little wretched. They were all carrying injuries and if they started a battle with the reinforcement army as well, the result could very well be imagined.

Run away?

They just could not make themselves do it even when it was not all that difficult for them to just run away with the kind of powers they possessed. But none of them had dared to have that thought in their minds at all.

The Beast Spirits had lost so much of their numbers and if they were to all run away, they would be abandoning their comrades.

Brownie would definitely be captured and if they were expected to be live as such cowards, It was impossible for them to do it!

"To think that they would die here today. How frustrating is it?" Fei Yan said with a smile.
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