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Jun Wu Xie's gaze slowly turned back, the cold clear pair of eyes not looking at Jiang Yun Long.

Jiang Yun Long thought that Jun Wu Xie had been scared out of her wits and he started laughing even more haughtily.

"All of you, have just succeeded, in getting me riled up." Those soft words came out slowly from Jun Wu Xie's mouth, her slightly lowered gaze and the long luscious lashes hiding the fiery light in her eyes.

Jiang Yun Long's brows creased up, not understanding why Jun Wu Xie would say that.

Jun Wu Xie then raised her hand up without a word, and tugged off the tiny little silver stud from her earlobe.

"I'll advise you to not put up anymore of such meaningless struggle. You'll have to die anyway this ends as there is no other way out for all of you." Jiang Yun Long was still being haughty and arrogant. Nalan Shan was about to die and the Spiritual Bear had been captured by his Master. It wouldn't be long before the human spirit reinforcements would arrive and all who stood resisting them before the first Serene Spirit Tower here today would be walking right into death!

While Jiang Yun Long was prattling on incessantly, a silver flash of light suddenly manifested right before his eyes!

The intensity of that light was so blindingly bright that all the spirits before the first Serene Spirit Tower could not even open their eyes, and when Wu Jiu who was caught up in glee saw that sudden brilliant light, his eyes widened and shock rose up in his eyes!

That is….. the brilliance of the Face of Selvan!

Jiang Yun Long raised his hand up to shield his eyes, and when that brilliance faded away, he then lowered his arm.

A silver figure suddenly stood before his eyes!

Jun Wu Xie's body was suddenly covered by a suit of armour. There was a resplendent glowing lustre upon that armour, that fully covered up Jun Wu Xie, with only a pair of icy cold eyes showing!

"What….." Jiang Yun Long stared in astonishment at the armour clad Jun Wu Xie, a feeling of unease immediately swirling in his heart.

Jun Wu Xie did not give Jiang Yun Long any time to even think as she used the overwhelming might of the Face of Selvan to morph into a silver streak of light, moving so fast that Jiang Yun Long could not react at all!

Jiang Yun Long was completely flustered. He was no longer able to even catch sight of Jun Wu Xie's shadow.

An excruciating amount of pain suddenly spread from his abdomen and he lowered his head down to look in shock. A silver sword of light was currently being thrust through his abdomen and the unimaginable pain was spreading out from the edges of the wound to his entire body, causing him to tremble violently in helplessness.

"No….. Don't….." Fear filled Jiang Yun Long completely. He just could not believe that the armour clad Jun Wu Xie had merely executed one single stroke and she had pierced her blade right through his body. The terror of disappearing eternally turned Jiang Yun Long's face white. Fear like he had never felt before was almost bursting out of his heart. He looked up in pure terror at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes longing so hard to be able to live.

The light sword that Jun Wu Xie held in her hand than lifted!


His final wail then disappeared out of Jiang Yun Long's mouth, the blinding sword of light slicing Jiang Yun Long into two halves in an instant!

The haughty Jiang Yun Long was cut through his midsection, the two halves of his body crashing heavily to the ground as the dissipating dust gradually turned into specks of stars, falling into the soil, to disappear completely.

From afar, Wu Jiu was stunned to see Jiang Yun Long being slaughtered. He stared with his eyes fixed upon that silver figure, an intense emotion rising up within his heart.

The Face of Selvan! Why would it appear here! ?

Wu Jiu drew in a deep breath, and immediately ordered for men to push the in cage he had prepared beforehand. Brownie who had Soul Binding Chains dragging behind it was then thrown right into the metal cage!
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