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Jiang Yun Long was stunned as he looked at the power of the spirit spreading out in a flare around Jun Wu Xie's body. He just could not believe his own eyes.

This lass….. had actually also attained the realm of Spirit Outflare! ?

How is that possible! ?

If he was not seeing it with his own eyes, even if you beat him to death, he would not believe that Jun Wu Xie could actually achieve the state of Spirit Outflare. It must be known that among all the human spirits throughout the entire Spirit World, only four people had been able to reach such a state. Jiang Yun Long was considered to be the youngest among them but had also taken more than ten years to do that. He had originally possessed a rather good amount of power and he had further cultivated diligently in the Serene Spirit Tower's twelfth level, absorbing the most robust power of the spirit before he was able to gain his current powers.

But no matter how you looked at it, Jun Wu Xie could not have cultivated for many years where Jiang Yun Long still remembered clearly what Meng Yi Liang had told him before. The first time that he had seen Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Xie had still been a translucent new spirit soul. Although she had gone into the Serene Spirit Tower for a few moments and her powers had increased a little, but….. she had not ever stepped into the Serene Spirit Tower again after that. And according to what Jun Wu Xie had said, she had been cultivating in the Tranquil Dream Forest, so how could she achieve such results?

Jiang Yun Long was not willing to believe, nor did he dare to believe that. But the power of the spirit flaring out from Jun Wu Xie currently was constantly reminding Jiang Yun Long of that cruel truth!

"How is this?" Jun Wu Xie asked with a sneer.

Jiang Yun Long clenched his jaws tight as he looked at the contemptuous smile on Jun Wu Xie's face, like such powers were not even worth mentioning in her eyes, and all his pompous arrogance was all just a big joke.

The Spirit Outflare that he had been so proud of, had been achieved by her so effortlessly. That was a fact that made Jiang Yun Long feel as if he had been slapped across the face several tens of times, and his cheeks were just burning with stinging pain.

"Nothing great. No matter what method you used to do it, real Spirit Outflare is unquestionable. I will make you realize the difference!" Jiang Yun Long said, trying to sound brave.

Jun Wu Xie however, could not be bothered at all with his feeble attempt at struggling.

In the next instant, Jiang Yun Long roared and charged towards Jun Wu Xie. The faint smile at the corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth immediately disappeared, for it to be replaced by chilling murder that spread in her eyes.

The two powerful pugilists who had attained Spirit Outflare then tangled up in battle.

Spirit Outflare, had long come to symbol supremacy among the human spirits.

Jiang Yun Long was at that level, but the other human spirits did not possess the same kind of power. However, on Jun Wu Xie's side, people who had achieved Spirit Outflow had another five people!

Qiao Chu was weaving in and out throughout the battlefield, having a ball of a time fighting. Ever since he had taken the Spirit Transformation Elixir where his spirit power had been sealed and he had come to the Spirit World, his initial weakness and frailty had made his suffer all kinds of aggrievance. When he had seen Brownie being surrounded outside the Spiritual Spirit Loft and was about to be captured, he had been powerless to save it, but had to rely on the Yin Yang Bear for the rescue . All these aggrievement had accumulated and built up in Qiao Chu's chest. Having finally regained power once again today, he was able to vent his frustration. He was like a runaway wild stallion, maniacally fighting off the enemy, the power of the spirit swirling outside his body deterring every human spirit that came close to him.

These human spirits who followed Wu Jiu, were already people considered to hold great power, or they would not have gained Wu Jiu's acknowledgement. They had always prided themselves as the elites of the human spirits but before Qiao Chu and his companions, these human spirits could not do anything but to cry.

How could anyone play such a big joke? The first moment they struck, they immediately brought out six demonic monsters capable of Spirit Outflare. To their knowledge, only four among all the human spirits were capable of reaching that realm but Jun Wu Xie had so casually pulled out five of them with a flick of her sleeves! !

Watching Qiao Chu run amok, Hua Yao and the others embarked on a free killing spree and the enemy human spirits just wanted to weep.
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