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Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss 2070 Deceiving One’s Master and Destroying the Ancestors’ Name 3

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Three days' time passed in a blink. On this day, the first Serene Spirit Tower was sealed shut and masses of spirits gathered outside the Serene Spirit Tower while the human spirits that were led by Jiang Yun Long surrounded Wu Jiu seated upon a rosewood chair.

Soul Slayer had brought in many Weapon Spirits that also stood guard at the side. Wu Jiu had told Soul Slayer that Nalan Shan's appearance today would affect whether the fourth Serene Spirit Tower would be able to complete its construction and hence Soul Slayer had not waited wanted to wait even a moment longer than he needed to where he then brought the Weapon Spirit to come witness the event.

What was a little strange was the Beast Spirits. Having had the rights to the fourth Serene Spirit Tower seized by the Weapon Spirits from before, the Beast Spirits and the Weapon Spirits were now at odds with each other, with irreconcilable differences. Logically, today's event should have nothing to do with the Beast Spirits at all but for some unknown reason, a large number of Beast Spirits had gathered outside the first Serene Spirit Tower. They did not try to enter inside but just stood outside watching, which made the Weapon Spirits that Soul Slayer brought in feel highly indignant.

Because the victory they had won in the clash had allowed the Weapon Spirits show the Beast Spirits up and at that moment, they were filled with a sense of superiority over them.

The Beast Spirits did not make a sound, seemingly having not noticed the arrogance and contempt the Weapons Spirits were showing them, but just gathered themselves together to whisper among themselves. As for what was being said, it could not really be heard.

Wu Jiu sipped slowly from a cup of tea, and then looked at the time. He then beckoned at Jiang Yun Long and Jiang Yun Long immediately retreated to the back. From inside a metal cage, Jiang Yun Long then dragged out the previous Spirit Master whose hands and feet were bound in metal shackles.

The loud clatter of the chains striking the ground reverberated off the exterior wall of the Serene Spirit Tower and the highly wretched looking previous Spirit Master was seen to have lost his refined and cultured grace of the past. Like a beast of burden, he was dragged by Jiang Yun Long and a bunch of human spirits to come into the open space before the first Serene Spirit Tower.

Jiang Yun Long did not show the slightest respect as he pushed the previous Spirit Master right onto the ground. The previous Spirit Master fell to the ground but did not say a word, his eyes sweeping silently over the masses of spirits gathered around to watch.

The appearance of the previous Spirit Master drew the attention of many human spirits. Some of them were not brought here by Wu Jiu, but were here just to watch the spectacle. Suddenly seeing the previous Spirit Master in such a wretched state, many of the human spirits did not know how to react.

There had been some rumours going around that Wu Jiu had captured the previous Spirit Master but many of the human spirits were uncertain about the authenticity of the matter. It was only at this moment when they saw the previous Master that they realized that the rumours had been true!

"The previous Spirit Master had really been captured! ?"

"You must be joking right….. Isn't the previous Spirit Master Wu Jiu's Master?"

"Just what is going on?"

"The previous Spirit Master had really been in cahoots with the Dark Emperor before?"

In an instant, the human spirits' side bubbled over in debate. The crime that Wu Jiu had branded upon the previous Spirit Master could only be said to be laughable in the least. It was said that the Dark Emperor had come into the Spirit World back then because he had colluded with the previous Spirit Master, and ever since the Dark Emperor fell, the previous Spirit Master had given up his position because he had lost the support he got from the Dark Emperor, which finally earned him the disdain of the Spirit Lord. He had only given up on his position only because he had no choice and not because he wanted to punish himself as was rumoured.

The Dark Emperor had inflicted great emotional trauma upon the Spirit World. Even though he had not embarked on a rampaging massacre, he had still brought great panic and immense fear upon the spirits who had lived in relative peace, where mentioning the Dark Emperor was done with fear and trepidation, their hearts lingering with trembles.

Curses and questioning doubts rang out around the previous Spirit Master's ears. Once well revered and respected, shouldering risk and danger wholeheartedly, but his name had been so easily smeared and defamed by Wu Jiu today. He lost even the desire to open his mouth to explain, but just sat straight backed upon the ground, his eyes closed, unwilling to look into all those accusing eyes filled with hatred.

Wu Jiu looked on smilingly as he watched the scene, seeing the previous Spirit Master who had once been the leader of the human spirits turned to become the target of public scorn, and he smiled evilly to himself.
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