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A month's time passed in a blink, and all the Twelve Palaces' affairs handed over to the Spirit Jade Palace to pick up the pieces. According to Jun Wu Xie's instructions, Qu Ling Yue arranged for the army to prepare themselves for their return back to the Lower Realm.

The level of spirit powers contained within the Middle Realm's lands was far more robust that the Lower Realm's and the fifty thousand strong army that had stayed here for merely slightly more than one month's time saw every one's powers increase dramatically. That discovery had made Jun Qing highly excited.

When they had been in the Lower Realm before, they had never had this kind of feeling but after having come to the Middle Realm, they realized that the spirit powers the Lower Realm possessed was lacking far below the Middle Realm had and in just slightly over a month's time, Long Qi and Jun Qing who had been stuck at the peak of the indigo level had actually both broken through to the Purple Spirit, with many others within the army attaining a breakthrough as well.

If not for the hidden danger posed by the Nine Temples, Jun Wu Xie would really have wanted the fifty thousand soldiers to continue to remain here in the Middle Realm to cultivate.

And towards the circumstances they were facing, Jun Wu Xie had also discussed it with Jun Qing and Qu Ling Yue for a time.

The Twelve Palaces were taken over by the Spirit Jade Palace and for the Spirit Jade Palace to completely eradicate the remnants of the old Twelve Palaces, it would require at least two to three months' time. And within these two to three months, the Spirit Jade Palace themselves would not be considered stable yet and they would have to wait till the Spirit Jade Palace had unified the Twelve Palaces which would also mean that they would have stabilized everything, allowing them to deter the Nine Temples' actions somewhat. At that time, Granny Yue would then send the Spirit Jade Palace's disciples to the Lower Realm, and invite the people from the Lower Realm to come continue their cultivation within the Spirit Jade Palace's perimeters.

And within these two to three months, they would closely observe the Nine Temples' movements and if there was any situation, Granny Yue would also send people down into the Lower Realm to inform Jun Qing and the others at the very first instance.

"You're all leaving already….." Qiao Chu and Hua Yao were supporting each other. Having undergone all that careful nursing, they were now able to come down from their beds to walk around, but standing on their feet for too long would still make them feel exceedingly tired. 

The Spirit Transformation Elixir's side effects was more intense than any one of them had imagined and according to Jun Wu Xie's diagnosis, their condition had stabilized. That would also mean that in the upcoming one year, they would have to live their lives so frail and sickly.

Although the five of them had said that they had gone all out with everything they had because they wanted to seek revenge for their family members, but now that they were faced with the situation that they could not even summon up any strength for the most mundane tasks, they were finding it a little hard to accept.

From the Purple Spirit's third stage to become completely drained of any spirit power, turned into absolute trash where they even needed a crutch just to walk, how could the proud bunch of youths possibly find it easy to accept.

"We're just be away temporarily. Are all of you feeling better? I'll get Long Qi to arrange some horse carriages for you and you can all just climb up into the carriages. We will have to switch to travelling over water midway through the journey and all of you must take good care of yourself." Jun Qing said, looking a little pained as he looked at Qiao Chu and the others. One could not help but be worried when see how weak and frail the bodies of these youths had become.

"I thank Uncle Jun for worrying about us. We will have to trouble all of you this time." Rong Ruo opened her mouth to say apologetically.

"You're thinking too much about it." Jun Qing had already seen these bunch of youths as his own nephews and nieces from long before.

The youths were packing their luggages when they saw Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao walking towards them together.

"Aren't Little Xie and Big Brother Wu Yao going back together with us?" Fei Yan asked, seeing that Jun Wu Xie had not made any preparations.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the pale faces of Qiao Chu and her other companions, before she slowly said: "Not only I am not going back, you guys cannot go back as well."
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