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Gu Xin Yan stared blankly before her, completely in a daze. Everyone was battling and only she was the lone person that everyone had seemingly missed out.

No one attacked her. It was as if everyone had forgotten about her entirely.

Within all that chaos, two figures hid silently in the shadows, watching excitedly at the bloody and gory scene before their eyes.

"Jun Xie, Jun Wu, Jun Wu Xie….. So, it's all just you, Jun Wu Xie….. You really astound me." Gu Ying said as he stood in the dark shadows, watching Gu Yi being pushed back till there was no other place to retreat into, and his eyes filled up with mirth.

"Young Lord, aren't you going to make any moves?" Following behind Gu Ying, the black robed man asked softly.

From the moment that the battle started, Gu Ying had already been there at the battlefield, but he had absolutely no intention of showing himself.

"Why should I make any moves? I don't know how long I've waited for this moment but it's just that Jun Wu Xie has done what I would have wanted to do myself. Since someone is doing it for me, why shouldn't I just sit back and enjoy the show?" Gu Ying asked with an eyebrow slightly raised.

"But Young Lord, weren't you thinking to protect Gu Xin Yan?" The black robed man asked, not understanding completely.

Gu Ying instead shook his head as he looked at Gu Xin Yan who was standing there in a daze, and the mirth in his eyes flashed with a hint of gentleness.

"Can't you see it already? Right from the beginning, Jun Wu Xie has had no intention of striking Gu Xin Yan at all. Although it's true that that fella is here for revenge, she has not lost her mind so completely as to want to obliterate everything." Gu Ying said with a soft laugh. Jun Wu Xie's revenge seemed to be highly vicious, but when one observed carefully, one would notice that the targets that Jun Wu Xie's underlings attacked had coincidentally missed out on some of the younger and naive youths. Although there was no lack of evil minded and malicious scoundrels within the Twelve Palaces, there were still some idiots who were simple and kind of thought. Regardless whether it was Lord Meh Meh, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit of the Lower Realm's army, all of them would subconsciously avoid those kind hearted morons, where they would injure them at most, but never taking their lives. It was all those evil and malicious men who owed deeply in debts of blood who were mercilessly slaughtered, never sparing them till they've breathed their last.

The way Jun Wu Xie was dealing with this, made Gu Ying think it highly interesting. He had thought that with her embarking on such a maniacal journey of vengeance, she would have abandoned all differentiation between good and evil, never thinking that though the lass was incredibly sly and crafty, her heart still clearly distinguished between good and bad.

So very interesting.

"If it was me, I would not have been so kind and benevolent like her, and not a single person would walk out of the place alive today." Gu Ying said as he rubbed at his chin thoughtfully, the brilliantly red flowing blood causing the bloodthirstiness in his eyes to boil incessantly. He yearned to go out there, reaping the lives of everyone, to let the warm touch of blood flowing quell the excitement he was feeling in his heart.

The black robed man stood behind Gu Ying, seeing in surprise the boiling murder in Gu Ying's eyes, and he could not help but shiver.

A youth that so highly dangerous, and the Lord of the Temple truly want him to remain in the Spirit Void Temple?

Gu Ying's gaze then slowly turned to fall upon Gu Yi who was sporting injuries in quite a few places. He had never thought that Jun Wu Xie would actually be able to push Gu Yi back into such a state with that strange suit of armour. Judging from the injuries on Gu Yi, it would seem like he was becoming less and less able to stand up to Jun Wu Xie's attacks.

Gu Ying's eyes narrowed as he stared at the suit of armour on Jun Wu Xie's body, and it was not known what was going through his mind.

As the highly bloody battle raged, Gu Yi was gasping hard for air as blood flowed out freely from the wounds on his body. As his spirit energy continued to drain out of his body, when faced with Jun Wu Xie's attacks, he found it harder and harder to summon up his strength, where it had started when they were evenly matched, to him becoming suppressed.
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