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Within the Lower Realm's great army, Jun Qing, Long Qi, Qu Ling Yue, Wen Xin Han, Mo Qian Yuan, Yan Bu Gui and some others led their battalions on all sides to charge straight into the Twelve Palaces' army!

The two armies clashed together and the heavy stench of blood immediately pervaded the air over the entire city!

The Twelve Palaces' army were caught unprepared for such a massive onslaught and in their panic, they stared into the eyes of their highly ferocious enemies, the terror in their hearts gradually deepening.

This was an army that had truly dug themselves out from the battlefield, their blood forged and tempered with iron. In this army, the force was made up from a gathering of the most elite among the armies of different countries in the past. The old Lower Realm of before, must be weak and unable to take a single hit. But now, all of that had completely changed, having lived in pure despair and crawling in muck, the strength of their desire to survive was something no one else could fully comprehend.

They had grasped the technique to elevate their spirit power levels for merely just two years. But in these two years, they had trained in their cultivation with their lives on the line and besides eating and sleeping, they had not even had time to reunite with their families at all. Having undergone the slaughter and oppression from the Middle Realm, they had all become highly aware of their frailty.

In such a dog eat dog world, only when one became stronger would one be able to protect their own family members, and the companions whom they highly treasured!

The Middle Realm had been in relative peace for too long, and their short open scuffles and engaging in hidden intrigue had become to these men who clawed their way out through the blood and trials of war, to be squabbling between children. Only when one had to choose between life or death, would one be pushed to the extremities of one's limits!

When an army who had waded through countless battlefields were given an even greater source of power, their might would just shoot up to just absolutely terrifying levels!

At that moment, the Lower Realm were no longer meek lambs free for anyone to slaughter. They had picked up their weapons and were fighting to defend their pride and honour!

When have the Twelve Palaces' disciples who had lived rather comfortably for such a long time ever stepped onto a true battlefield in war? How could they possibly understand the instilled rapport and iron camaraderie between brothers in arms! ?

In a clash between two great armies, individual might would be weakened to a highly shocking extent as rapport and teamwork would instead be key!

In what seemed only to be a blink, the Twelve Palaces' army was overwhelmed by the iron blood army, trampled and pummeled down entirely.

Gu Yi could see from far away that the situation on the battlefield was becoming more and more hard pressed on their side and the shock in his heart was already hard to put in words. He raised up his head to glare at the armoured Jun Wu Xie hovering in mid air. She was obviously just a young lady about the same age as his own daughter, so how had she been able to create so many instances that caused people to be stunned absolutely speechless in astoundment?

However, Jun Wu Xie had already decided that she was not going to give Gu Ying more time to think. She dove down from her position in midair, to charge straight towards Gu Yi!

All the Twelve Palaces' disciples were trapped in by Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit and unable to free themselves to go save Gu Yi.

Gu Yi saw Jun Wu Xie hurtling menacingly right towards him and he immediately pushed Gu Xin Yan away, to face up to Jun Wu Xie!

At that moment, fighting filled up every corner of the city and both the inside and outside of the city rang out with a deafening roar!

The other Palace Lords had initially thought that with the arrival of their army, they finally had a chance to live through this but it was at that moment that they realized that Jun Wu Xie already had everything planned out and all that had happened today were all under her control. Since she had already revealed her intentions, how could she possibly let them leave here alive?

The temperature over the blood and gore filled battle continued to rise, with people falling incessantly.

The iron blood army advanced in high song, their faces filled with murderous intent, their blood tainted and towering frames sending terror into the Twelve Palaces' disciples that almost frightened their souls out of them.

The people from the Twelve Palaces had never battled an opponent like this before and thinking back at that moment, the conflicts and scheming they had engaged in with each other before suddenly seemed highly childish.
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