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"Oh? Then you should just come give it a try, to see whether today will be the day that you die or I perish." As Jun Wu Xie's arrogant voice fell, she gave a loud snap of her fingers!

As the sound reached the ears of everyone there, suddenly, the rumblings of a roar broke out from both sides of the venue!

A humongous nine tailed Guardian Grade Spirit Beast suddenly appeared before everyone's eyes. The very instant it appeared, its immense and monumental sized body immediately crushed a whole bunch of disciples standing close right into human paste.

On the other side, a massive scarlet red beast let out a Heavens shaking screech, its fur looking like it had been immersed in blood under the brilliant rays of the sun!

The appearance of two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts caused Gu Yi's face to immediately darken, as he let out a cold sneer while looking at Jun Wu Xie.

"Pure naivety. Don't tell me you really think that with just two Spirit Beasts, it will be enough to stop an army of the Twelve Palaces several tens of thousands strong?"

Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulder slightly, her hands clasped together gracefully with her ten fingers crossed and placed over her lower abdomen.

"Who told you that I only have two Spirit Beasts?"

Following the deafening cries of Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit, another earth shaking roar rose all around the outer edges of the Twelve Palaces' army. The ground trembled and quaked, and Gu Yi's heart jumped as he quickly turned his head to see, looking over the densely packed mass of people. He suddenly spotted an intimidating horde of soldiers surrounding them all from outside, and as he swept his gaze over the invading forces, the immense size of their numbers showed that they did not pale in comparison against the Twelve Palaces' army in the slightest!

Gu Yi's eyes flashed with a tinge of terror. When did this army appear here in the city? He had actually not noticed it at all.

"Who are all those people? How did you….." Gu Yi's face was one of utter disbelief as his eyes stared at Jun Wu Xie. Just how many cards was this little young lady holding in her hands?

Jun Wu Xie looked at Gu Yi with disdain in her eyes. "The Lower Realm. All of them are from the Lower Realm! The Lower Realm that all of you view with nothing but contempt! Are you now ready to receive the wrath that came all the way here from that very same Lower Realm! ?"

"Impossible! How could trash from the Lower Realm possibly possess such powers! ? You are lying!" Gu Yi spat out his words through tightly clenched teeth as he glared at Jun Wu Xie. Nothing would make him believe that that army had come from the Lower Realm.

The kind of powers the Lower Realm possessed, was only too clear to him. A place where even a mere Purple Spirit was able to dominate over the entire realm, how could such a spineless and weak place put together an army that was fully shrouded under a purple spirit glow?

Although it was just a sweeping glance, Gu Yi could already see that the army possessed highly dominating strength. Every single one of them was emanating with the brilliant glow of Purple Spirit light, and although a large part of them were not true Purple Spirits but had employed special methods to temporarily increase their spirit power levels, but, who in the Lower Realm knew how to use that skill?

Everyone from the Middle Realm looked down upon people from the Lower Realm right from the bottom of their hearts. People from the Lower Realm were seen to be lower than pigs and dogs and were not fit to battle them at all!

"Trash?" Jun Wu Xie sneered, her voice dripping with contempt. She stood up grandly and the vines below her gradually retracted. New vines shot out very quickly from behind her and formed into a pair of wings on her back. Jun Wu Xie rose up with the wind and stood hovering in mid air, to look outside the venue premise, watching the Lower Realm's iron blooded forces who had clashed into the army of the Twelve Palaces, her eyes filled with unwavering pride.

"All of you will be trampled to death by the very people you term as trash. I can't help but wonder, what does that make you when you are all defeated by trash?"

A resonating bugle sounded, and the fiery rage of the Lower Realm spread throughout the line of the entire Middle Realm's forces, by sheer force of will and with their very own flesh, they completely incinerated all the contempt and disdain felt against them!
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