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The days passed one by one and Elder Ying continued to try to interact with Yue Ye. However, responses were few and far between as Yue Ye was always avoiding him.

Even Yue Yi was helpless with that.

Jun Wu Xie on the other hand, was often pestered by Yue Ye.

Half a month's time went by in a blink and Elder Ying's mind kept going back to the conversation he heard between Ye Sha and Jun Wu Xie.

Counting the days, it was almost time but there was still no sign of any activity.

It was not till the fifteenth day's evening that Elder Ying was becoming a little restless and fearing that he might have missed something, he ran straight to the main gates of the Shadow Moon Palace and stood there, his head lifted with an expectant gaze to peer in the direction towards the setting sun.

The sky was gradually darkening with the arrival of dusk and the diminishing glow of the sun spilled over the land. Elder Ying was feeling a little exhausted and he was just thinking to leave but was rather hesitant. Yue Yi stood there together with him, silently without saying a word.

"Forget it, let's go back." Elder Ying suspected whether he had guessed wrong while he shook his head a little helplessly to turn around to go back.

Yue Yi looked at Elder Yue before peering out front and his eyes then lit up as he grasped Elder Yue's arm to say: "Grandfather! Look!"

Elder Ying turned his head around in bewilderment and he saw it.

Right over the horizon with the setting sun, a cluster of faint shadows had appeared.

Elder Ying stared excitedly, his eyes wide as he saw the swath of shadows gradually gradually magnify!

A faint tremor was felt rumbling through the ground as a neat and orderly army suddenly appeared before the eyes of Elder Ying and Yue Yi!

Before the large contingent, a pretty lady in light armour rode proudly upon a handsome stallion, marching over the slanting rays of dusk as it came towards the Shadow Moon Palace's main gates!

The rumble of steel shod hooves from the cavalry reverberated in their ears, feeling like they were stomping upon Elder Ying's heart.

The army clad in silver armour stopped before the gates of the Shadow Moon Palace and the cold and proud lady leading the army reined in her horse right before Elder Ying. She dismounted effortlessly, her smooth actions so suave that made Yue Yi as a young man feel to pale in comparison to her.

"May I ask if this is the Shadow Moon Palace?" The lady asked, her voice surprisingly melodious, unlike the cold and proud air that surrounded her.

"Yes, it is." Elder Ying nodded.

The lady's face then blossomed with a faint smile. Although her manner was gentle and polite, but without knowing why, she gave people the feeling of a certain incisiveness and strength, which caused people to unconsciously become very polite when speaking to her.

"May I then ask if there is a guest by the surname Jun staying within the esteemed premises?" The lady asked.

While the lady spoke, the army that was several tens of thousands strong behind her remained silent without a whisper of a sound, like they did not exist at all.

Elder Ying swept his gaze over them, and with his level of power, he could actually see more than a hundred Purple Spirits standing at the forefront of the army!

Those were true Purple Spirits, and not elevated with any special techniques.

"Yes, there is." Elder Ying nodded his head, surprised by the make and lineup within the army before his eyes, where without a single command, they were still orderly, greatly shocking him.

"May I ask, you are?"

The smile on the lady's face then became even more enchanting as she slowly opened her mouth to say in reply: "I am your guest's wife."

"What?" Elder Ying's eyes flared wide in incredulity. Yue Yi beside him was completely stunned. Beat him to death and he would not have thought that the sternly cold but enchanting lady before their eyes would turn out to be Jun Wu Xie's…..

[Wait a minute!]

[Isn't Jun Wu Xie a girl?]

Just as Elder Ying and Yue Yi were stunned with bewilderment, a cold clear voice suddenly sounded behind them.

"You're here."
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