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For so many years, it had been peaceful and uneventful. Common people and regular powers did not dare to go against the Shadow Moon Palace at all.

But Elder Yue was now saying that someone had dared to publicly go against the Shadow Moon Palace in the Hill City and things were no longer as simple anymore.

"Your subordinate is still investigating and based on what was said by our disciples who managed to escape from the Hill City, those people had attacked the branch under the cover of night and not only had they set the branch on fire, they had massacred many of our disciples." Elder Yue lamented as he hung his head.

"What audacity! Go have it investigated into! When it is found out who is responsible for it, I will have him know that the Shadow Moon Palace is not to be trifled with!" With the Shadow Moon Palace Lord flying into such a rage, he sobered up completely. To have torched the Shadow Moon Palace's branch within the their perimeter of power and had even wounded countless disciples, that was just plain and blatant provocation! 

If the matter was not properly dealt with, where was the Shadow Moon Palace going to place their face?

"Reporting to my Lord, your subordinate has already ordered people to look into it immediately, and I believe that we will be able to find out the identity of the person responsible very soon." Elder Yue said.

"How are the losses suffered by the branch?" A corner of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's brow was twitching violently. No matter who the person that was responsible was, the matter had delivered a slap across the Shadow Moon Palace's face. How could he possibly tolerate such humiliation?

"The losses are grave. Only a small portion of our disciples had just barely managed to escape and most of the rest of our disciples have either died or gone missing. Because after the fire ravaged the place, their bodies were no longer recognizable and hence we are currently not able to ascertain which of our disciples have died. But your subordinate has already compiled a namelist of all the disciples in that branch and I present it for my Lord to have a look at it." Upon saying that, Elder Yue then handed up a namelist he had already prepared to place into the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's hands.

The Shadow Moon Palace Lord quickly scanned through it. The Hill City was not really considered to be a large city and hence there had not been too many people at the Shadow Moon Palace's branch there. Most of them were not really any disciple of much importance which made the Shadow Moon Palace Lord feel a little more relieved.

Yue Ye Stood beside the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and her eyes passed highly fleetingly over the namelist.

Although the Shadow Moon Palace could not be compared to the Flame Demons Palace, but they still held a significant amount of power. Throughout the Middle Realm, there were not many who dared to challenge the Twelve Palaces' authority with the exception of the Nine Temples. But the Nine Temples' perimeter of influence was very far away from the Twelve Palaces' perimeters and with the fact that the Shadow Moon Palace was significantly more low profile among the Twelve Palaces in comparison, even if the Nine Temples wanted to strike at the Twelve Palaces, they wouldn't choose the Shadow Moon Palace.

Yue Ye could not help but feel that something did not feel right with Elder Yue coming in to present such a report at this moment. Of all times for something to happen, it had to be at a time like this.

Just as Yue Ye was feeling suspicious about Elder Yue's intentions, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had already flipped to the last page of the namelist.

And upon that last page, two characters stood out prominently that made Yue Ye's face turn deathly pale in an instant, her legs giving out as she fell to sit upon the floor.

On that very last page, there was only one name. Just simply those two characters had made Yue Ye feel like she had been struck by lightning, her heart immediately wrenching up.

"Yue Yi? Why would he go to the Hill City?" The only name on that page was Yue Yi! When the Shadow Moon Palace Lord saw those two characters, he was stunned for a moment and he immediately saw Yue Ye's pale pallor the moment he turned his eyes.

"Your subordinate deserves death. There had been news of some small disquiet in the Hill City before and your subordinate had thought that with Yue Yi's powers, he should be able to go deal with the matter. But I had never thought that things would develop beyond what anyone could expect, and Yue Yi had only just reached the Hill City for a short period before the incident occurred." Elder Yue's face was filled with regret, looking like he was very worried for Yue Yi as well.
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